Calera High School Parent Day

Published 1:00 pm Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Calera High School principal Richard Bishop thanked parents and guardians for entrusting their students to the school at Parent Day on Oct. 21.

Can you recognize the signs of clinical depression? Can you spot drug or alcohol use? Do you know how to talk with your teenager about the dangers surrounding premarital sex? Do you know your child’s school counselor and stay in touch to ensure your child is academically prepared for college?

Parents and guardians who attended Parent Day at Calera High School learned the answers to these crucial questions. Each grade was well-represented in attendance.

Stephanie Davis of Sav-A-Life Shelby, Inc. spoke on issues concerning teenage promiscuity. Davis leads a Bible study for girls on Tuesday nights and travels to area schools promoting sexual abstinence.

“It’s important to build relationships,” Davis said. “Most of the girls will not approach their parents, but are comfortable discussing it in a group.”

During group time, Davis accentuates that boys do not define girls’ self worth. Many girls feel pressure to have sex in order to hold on to a boyfriend or to fit in with their peer group. She explained why it is important to wait, the consequences of not waiting and how waiting helps them form confidence and self-esteem.

Using the example of the pregnancy pact in Gloucester, Mass., Davis pointed out a problem she sees among youth today. “Teens want instant gratification. The girls who made the pact aren’t looking at the big picture of raising a child. They see a baby as someone who will love them unconditionally…,right. They will re-think this when they feed the demanding baby at 2 a.m.”

Davis said putting a Band-Aid on the problem is not the solution. You must get to the root for healing. The root is that teens need to be loved, they need attention, Davis said. If they don’t receive emotional support at home, they will turn to friends/sexual partners, Davis said.

Counselors Dr. Doug Cound (middle school) and Carrie Southern (high school) briefed parents about academic and well-being programs for students. Study hall will remove some of the strain of homework-especially beneficial to students involved in extra-curricular activities. Peer helping promotes satisfaction of accomplishment for both mentor and pupil and the schools are restructuring class schedules to help students not on track for college.

Entertainment was provided by the middle and high school choirs. Richard Bishop, CHS principal, commended their hard work and excellent competition record. The choirs will perform a Christmas concert Dec. 2 at the middle school at 6:30 p.m. and at the high school at 7:30 p.m.

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