School of Technology “pinks out” for breast cancer

Published 2:23 pm Tuesday, November 2, 2010

By SUMMER MILLER/Guest Columnist

Breast cancer awareness is an international health campaign organized to increase awareness of the disease, to remind people of the many men and women who are currently fighting the disease, and to memorialize those who have lost their lives.

Many people throw pink-themed parties or dress in pink to honor the worthy cause.

The Shelby County School of Technology recently organized “Pink Out SOT” to raise awareness among the student body and community.

On Oct. 8, the school encouraged all faculty and students to wear as “much pink as humanly possible.”

The students also hung a huge banner on the wall and encouraged students to write the names of people they know who have fought, are fighting or have died from the disease.

The SGA representatives of the school handed out pink awareness ribbons, and students in healthcare science painted the ribbon on students’ faces.

The cosmetology department sold pink hair extensions for the students to wear as well. SOT’s Key Club spray painted students’ hair pink and the Culinary Arts students baked pink cupcakes.

The school also raised money and donated it to Race for the Cure.

The School of Technology was not the only school “pinking out”; other Shelby County schools were challenged to pink out their campuses as well.

SOT decked out their halls and classrooms with pink streamers, and 2-foot-tall pink ribbons were placed on every door.

The students and faculty were optimistic about the day and felt that it increased awareness of the deadly disease.

When asked, students were excited; even the guys who dressed up in all pink seemed to be ecstatic.

“I think it is a fun way to get out the message about breast cancer, and it was also hilarious to see the camouflage-wearing guys of SOT wearing all pink,” said Summer Bowline, a junior at the school.

The school plans to make this day an annual event, and they’re hoping it will become even bigger as the years go by.

Summer Miller is a junior at the School of Technology. She plans to pursue a career in journalism when she graduates.