Bob Blake puts local patients at ease

Published 4:43 pm Monday, November 29, 2010

Bob Blake helps put patients at ease and heal pain of all types through his neuromuscular therapy and deep tissue massage firm in Alabaster.

Whether you have been referred by your doctor, physical therapist, chiropractor or an ad, you will find a place in the services of Bob Blake.

He is available Monday through Saturday by appointment, so as the client, you choose your own convenient hours.

Blake is nationally certified in neuromuscular therapy and deep tissue massage.

Blake’s own background includes years of working with home health care, mental health care, the autistic, elderly, nursing home patients and managing his own severe physical pain for the last seven years.

Located in the brick house directly across from Arby’s and Shelby Baptist Medical Center ,he is now in the process of remodeling the entire home.

It’s going to be really nice. Wife Dana Daniel (they married this past August) is a big help both in the remodeling work and being someone with whom to share problems and solutions as their occupations are similar.

Blake is a real gentleman and immediately puts you at ease.

He said, “Most people I see are in severe pain and are scared so they freeze up.” A graduate of Samford University and the Birmingham School of Massage, Blake talks to his patient and explains exactly where he will place his hands, what he will do and how that particular move or message is right for their pain or ailment.

Do you have muscular pain issues, fibromyalgia, arthritis, joint stiffness, athletic or sports injury or lower back pain?

Blake says there is no pain in his deep tissue massage.

You control the pressure and you are never rushed. He welcomes verbal exchange.

How can he help if you don’t communicate?

Blake believes in good value for your money.

He, like all of us, has been through and continues to face problems.

I feel like he was a cross between doctor, counselor, pastor and friend. (He lost his only daughter in a terrible car accident this past March…he knows all kinds of pain).

Perhaps if you go to see Blake you might recognize him as the policeman from the “Scrooge” productions presented each year at Kingwood. He organized (along with John Pisek) the first Kingwood football team and coached there for several years.

Later he earned two state championship rings during his years of coaching at Briarwood Christian School. (He wears a size 15 ring).

Known as the “pecan man” for Allencott School, he had pecans in more than 60 stores nationwide.

These holiday pecan sales benefited Glenwood Mental Health and was one of his many “good causes.” Blake laughs easily, testifies strongly and is competent and compassionate.

“If you care more about people than money, you will always have patients,” said Blake.

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