Back by popular demand

Published 5:04 pm Monday, December 6, 2010

Wendy Daley (middle row, second from left) turned to family when she turned her pie-making hobby into a successful business.

I am delighted to report that Wendy Daley is frying up pies again. Daley, known for her handmade fried pies, is a friend to many residents and businesses in Calera.

Using pie recipes passed down from generation to generation, Daley followed in the footsteps of her mother, Sue Lowery, and grandmother, Jessie Love, by sharing delicious pies with family and friends.

In July 2008 Daley opened Southern Fried Pies, a pie manufacturing facility on Shelby County 22. Her pie-making skill turned what was once a hobby into a thriving, successful business. Since opening the facility, Daley’s company has produced thousands of frozen pies, selling them to restaurants, caterers and grocery chains.

“I went to my family for help to open the manufacturing facility,” Daley said. “The pies are delicious recipes handed down through our family, so they knew as much about making pies as I did.”

Daley’s nephew, Wil Hamilton, improved the recipes by utilizing fresh ingredients from filling made with chunks of fruit – no culls or peels – and rich, scratch-made pudding.

“Nothing comes out of a can,” Daley said proudly. “We have also developed different types of pie pastry crusts made specifically for frying and baking. Our company has worked hard to produce the freshest, tastiest dessert possible.”

Although the growing business has made it difficult to keep up with sales, pies are still handmade by Daley’s daughter Christina and niece Maygan Hamilton. Sister-in-law Michelle Lowery handles outside sales and deliveries.

Because of public demand, Daley has decided to sell direct to the public. Her company is currently looking for a retail storefront.

Southern Fried Pies offers the traditional pies, i.e. apple, Splenda apple, peach, Splenda peach, lemon, chocolate, coconut, pecan, key lime, cherry, strawberry, blueberry and blackberry. They have added sweet potato and pumpkin for the holidays.

Whole 10 inch pies are available in chocolate, pumpkin, pecan and pecan crust sweet potato. Cobblers are available in apple, peach and blackberry. Several varieties of frozen cream pies are offered: lemon, key lime, coconut, strawberry, chocolate, and smooth or crunchy peanut butter.

Visit their website,, for up-to-date availability. Orders can be placed by email at or by phone at 668-8314. Gift boxing and out-of-state shipping is available. Daley recommends ordering early to avoid the holiday rush.

Taking a bite of a Southern Fried Pie brings back fond memories of delicious desserts made by my moms and grandmothers.

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