Local crafts original works of art from glass

Published 5:00 pm Monday, December 6, 2010

Davie Cox surrounded by some of her most recent pieces of art.

Davie Cox is an artist, a mother of two boys, and wife to her husband, Paul.

She has always been very creative in many areas, including cooking and canning. Cooking was her original passion, at which she is still very talented. She makes jellies and has also created a signature dipping sauce with varying degrees of hotness. She calls them “Slap Yo’ Mama Sauce,” “Slap Yo’ Hot Mama Sauce,” and “Slap Yo’ Smokin’ Hot Mama Sauce.”

Recently her artwork has taken a rise to popularity in her hometown of Wilsonville and beyond.

She makes beautiful original stained glass window paintings catered towards any specifications she is asked.

There has not been a project yet that she couldn’t create a masterpiece from. She has created everything from the classic stained glass window designs, to Auburn and Alabama football logos.

One of her favorite works of art she prides herself on is a stained glass window painting of Jesus holding little children surrounded by a landscape of trees and water with angels in the sky and a field of animals. The top corner reads “Jesus Loves the Little Children.”

She is confident that she can custom make almost anything, and is willing to work with any price range, which has made her even more convenient this time of year for finding meaningful gifts.

“People started asking about this and it just exploded. I can absolutely take zero credit for this. God dropped this in my lap,” she said.

Among the many stained glass windows, she creates paintings on vases, glasses and cookie jars too. She is also talented at window art. She enjoys doing seasonal designs.

Recently she has been busy creating all sorts of Christmas designs from rosy-cheeked Santas, to a voluminous amount of original snowflakes, of which no two are the same. She sells her snowflakes as a two-pack for $5, and gives special deals for bigger quantities.

They can go on any kind of glass and be used over again many times, so if you see cars in Wilsonville with snowflakes and window art, they are likely to be Davie’s originals.

Davie began getting into art a few years back when she bought her boys art sets for Christmas. After creating projects together, her artistic talent began to expand as she described her “on-the -job training.”

Davie plans to have 100 stained glass windows painted at the Southern Women’s show at the BJCC next year along with her other window art and glass work. She will also be at the Methodist Church in Wilsonville with her designs on Dec. 4.

Kennedy Tolbert, the community columnist for Wilsonville, can be reached at kennedytolbert@bellsouth.net.