Hornets win youth basketball league opener

Published 10:58 am Tuesday, December 14, 2010



The Hornets won 16 to 7. The Hornets were led by Landon Lawrence with 7 points and John Michael Gay with 5. Christopher Simms had 4 rebounds, with Matthew Pearson anchoring the defense with 4 steals.

Argo’s Team defeated the Rockets 12 to 8. Argo’s Team was led by Damien Portis with 6 points, with Nate Frey and Dave Kearley getting 4 rebounds each. The Rockets’ leaders were Joel Pennington with 3 points, along with Harrison Blinkard, Ben Marling, and Mike Vickery with 2 rebounds each.


The Blazers cooled the Heat 23 to 6. The Blazers were led by Nathan Bates with 10 points, Ethan Stevens and Jacob Howard added 4 points each, and Tanner Colvin grabbed 4 rebounds. The Heat was led by Isaiah Stamps with 3 points and Jessup Lodge with 7 rebounds.

The Disco grooved their way to a 39 to 15 victory over the Swish. Dawson Humphries led the Disco with 12 points and 6 steals.

A final score was not submitted with the Warriors statistics. Chase Franklin scored 5 points, Conner Aderholt had 3 steals, and Peyton Lawrence pulled down 4 rebounds.


The Terminators stormed the Troopers to win the game. The Terminators’ were led by Chip Nash with 6 points, Mitch Nash and Tucker Dunaway led the defensive attack, and Zack Noland handled the ball well running the point.

The Swish got burned by the Heat 36-28.. The Heat was led by Trent Freeman and Caleb Roy with 10 points each, Austin Lucas had 9 rebounds, and Jason Bailey added 4 assists. The Swish was led by Matthew Prosser with 15 points, J.C. Parker had 13 rebounds, with Brock Phillips and Garrison Hatcher playing good defense.

The Argonauts got beat 25 to 12. The Argonauts were led by E.J. Johnson with 8 points and 10 rebounds, Austin Wilder played good defense, and Chase Glover hustled on both ends of the court.

The Crushers won 28 to 15. JoJo Joiner led the Crushers with 12 points and Brett McKinney was the top rebounder. The defensive star was Sarah Ruth Lipscomb and Colby Blythe showed great effort.


The Dynamites exploded to defeat the Pink Survivors 30 to 11. The Dynamites’ were led by Sarah Goodwin with 11 points, Charley Clark had 10 rebounds, and Angel Mallory had 6 steals. The Pink Survivors’ leaders were Katelyn Lucas with 8 points, Aubree Roberson had 4 rebounds, and Anna Martin played good defense.

A final score was not submitted for the Lightening Bolts, but Aailiyah Cotton scored 10 points, Skye Lilly was a defensive stopper, and Faythe Moore picked up 4 steals.


The Dynamite was too strong for Frostie’s Shakes.  Hannah Marling led the Dynamite with 8 points, along with Katlyn Bevard and Summer Knight providing good defense. The Shakes’ were led by Meredith Johnson with 5 points, Emily Robinson grabbed 16 rebounds, with Dayli Wood and Janie Pennington adding quality minutes with hustle and determination.

The Surge won 16 to 14. Leading the surge was Allie Coyte with 8 points, Jordan Price with 15 rebounds, Cydnee Goodwin played aggressive defense, and Nadia Cockrell hustled on both ends of the court.