Merry Christmas from our home to yours

Published 3:46 pm Monday, December 20, 2010

Granddaughters Alyssa (left) and Ashtyn help Nonnie (Mollie Brown) put the finishing touches on the family Christmas tree.

In the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, shoppers will search for the perfect present. Every year at this time, children and adults produce a “want list” that will surely bring smiles to their faces. After hours upon hours of internet shopping or standing in long lines, the perfect present is lovingly wrapped and placed under the Christmas tree.

Christmas morning is a fury of opening presents and oohing and aahing while looking for the perfect present. Pictures are taken of a happy face upon a shiny, new bike or a sweater held up to a chocolate smile. Gifts are set aside to return because of wrong size, wrong color or just plain wrong–not the item wanted.

As the morning progresses, what was once festive and gay now turns to drudgery. There’s paper to pick up, toys to assemble, and closets to clean to make room for new toys. Smiling faces turn to pouting faces as early risers express fatigue.

This may not happen in every home, but based on Hollywood movies it happens in the majority. We know “the reason for the season.” We make contributions to help the less fortunate demonstrating it’s better to give than receive, though when gifts are given to family and friends one is expected in return. We draw names to ensure fairness and set a monetary amount to ensure equality. Giving is in accordance to predetermined standards instead of the spirit of giving.

This year in exchange for the perfect present, I offer you the peaceful present. It is the perfect present, but until you receive it you’ll never know how perfect it is. It is the gift of love given two thousand years ago.

This wonderful gift is Jesus Christ.  God clothed Himself in flesh and came to earth as his own son (Jesus) to die on a cross to satisfy his anger toward sin. He did this so when you die in your earthly body, you can live in spirit with him forever. The Bible states after dying on the cross, Jesus returned to heaven to make a home for all who accept his gift.

The present is yours by agreeing Jesus gave his life for your sins and asking his forgiveness. You commit your life to him, allowing God’s spirit to live within you and direct your life.

You pray to receive God’s gift: “God, I realize my sins will keep me from being with you in heaven. I accept the saving death of the Lord Jesus and your gift of eternal life. From this day forward I desire your will for my life.”

After you receive God’s gift, share it with someone.  By doing this you become a giver of the peaceful present.

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