Ending the year with a lit’l bit of fun

Published 12:41 pm Wednesday, December 22, 2010

(Back, L-R) Vickie McGiboney, Tanya Casale and Sharon Walker of Lit’l Bit of Fun Child Development Center.

Ending the year with a lit’l bit of fun.

I visited Lit’l Bit of Fun Child Development Center, located on 14th St., for a fresh perspective on new year’s resolutions. Some of the children were reluctant to share their vices, but once they began talking we had to do the “hold your finger in the air, now put it on your lips and zip” drill.

Branton wanted to share first. His resolution is to stay out of time-out next year. I asked why he is sent time-out and he responded, “I don’t follow the star rules.”

Gracie exuberantly spoke about what annoys her mommy. “My mommy gets me in trouble when I jump on my bed,” she said. “I could fall off so I shouldn’t jump on it.”

Sophie agreed with Gracie. She, too, gets in trouble jumping on the bed. “If I mess the blanket up I don’t get to sleep with Mommy,” Sophie said.

Anthony wore a devilish smile. “I get in trouble,” he said. I asked what gets him in trouble, but he wasn’t sure.

Noah gladly helped with Anthony’s behavioral challenges. “I hit her,” he said pointing to a tearful friend. “But I don’t bite-Anthony does.” That answered that question.

Makenzie wore a t-shirt inscribed Daddy is my #1 fan. “I don’t mind Bubby,” she said. Bubby, a sweet name for the one you love, is Makenzie’s daddy.

Frances gets in trouble just because.

Daniel Joseph gets in trouble for talking ugly. I asked what ugly words he uses, but his mind was on getting home to watch a pirate movie.

Teachers Sharon Walker and Tanya Casale shared their convictions for the new year.

“I want to spend more time with my family,” Walker said.

“Mine’s to not strangle Anthony,” Casale said. Detecting the uncertain look on my face, she laughed and said, “Anthony is my son. All kidding aside, I plan to make better use of my time.”

Vickie McGiboney opened the center 14 years ago to provide an educational pre-school program in Calera. McGiboney feels parents need to listen to their children and evaluate their priorities.

“Children need to be heard, they have a lot to say,” McGiboney said. “Parents are working too many hours. My resolution is to spend more time with my family.”

The center provides snacks and a hot lunch that includes the meat, fruit, vegetable and dairy groups.

They accept children 6 weeks-5 years. For registration information, call 668-0820.

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