Second grade letters to Santa

Published 10:52 am Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Montevallo Elementary, Ms. Nix

Dear Santa, Tell frkls I appreciate the bell he gave me. And what I wand for christmas the most of is a webckin and a lapptop and a ipod. Love, Hannah

Dear Santa, I waner if I can go to the north pole. I wnte a ipod for Christmas please. Love, Reyaunna

Dear Santa, I want a lot of things and can you let Freckles come over this month wne we are in school Thank you Santa Claus! I love you. XOXOXOXOXO P.S. I want a DS and tell Mrs. Claus and your elfs I said hi. Love, Jazmine W.

Dear Santa, I love you and I want most of all, a American Girl. I want a Christmas gost. Love, Catherine

Dear Santa, I need close because I am geting big. And I want a wii and a punch thing and entindoy D’s and come vedios game And happy Chritmas! Love, Johannes

Dear Santa, I will like for Christmas a big bike and I also wish that Diana didn’t have to go. Love, Alex

Dear Santa, I wot a motsicl a rela motsicl. I wot Nitidoe DS gams. I wot go to the Noth pool to see you and roddr the red nose rodery. Love, David

Dear Santa, I want a DSI. I want a Xbox 360. I want a Gameboy. I want some cars. I want a monster truck. I want a bord. I want some coins. I want a competer. I want a bell. Love, Kevin

Dear Santa,  I want a Wii and a car and a relly getar and a cars and a game for the wii a Book to learn and some markrs and a game for my nintidoe and a iPod touch and a Spidre men stof and a math tinghs and some close and Books a lotse and a relly ellf. Love, Cesar

Dear Santa, I love you santa becase when is Christmas time you bring me lot’s of toy’s every year that is Christmas I love you weth all my heart’s. Love, Diana

Dear Santa, I wot a rmot kotrol helu koftr. Love, Brady

Dear Santa, How are you doing? I want dragon ud colosis. Sonic, coloer for wii. DK camtra, reterns DK vs Mario in mint land. Mario and Luigi owner in time. Mario hoops three on three. Love, Nathan

Dear Santa, How are you? You know what I want for Christmas? I wii a DS please!! My mom want’s a labtop please! Love, Joshua

Dear Santa, Can I three thing? pleas I whont the clachin of the Kung Zhu and the game and a nintidoe Ds i. pleas. Love, Jaime

Dear Santa, for christmas I want the thags I had sed. and ples ask Freckles to come by evry day. Love, John

Dear Santa, Can I have a nail polsh set and a new pair of shoes and a outfit to wear sometimes. I like new boots I want that too! 🙂 Love, Jazmine

Dear Santa, For Christmas I woud like a D.S.I and Zoobals. And pleas tell freckles to read my letter to him. And my bother woud love D.K. Coutry Return he woud love it! Love, Holly

Dear Santa, Here is my christmas list. I want a whole lego set of lego star wars, and amaginex Halo wars, and t.v. with a xbox 360, and a gitar hero and rock band, a lab top and a whole kung zu set with a kungzu animals. Love, Jt

Montevallo Elementary, Mrs. Pharr

Dear Santa, You do such a good job on giveing boys and girls gifts but has anybody ever give you soemthing in return. im just here to say thanks and have a safe flight. Love, Alden

Dear Santa, I want a ipad and a ipod and a iphone and a pack of beff jerky and all the dairy of a a wimpy kid books and dairy of a wimpy kid the movie and a robot and cars 2 the movie. and 9000$. Love, Tristin

Dear Santa, I want a tuch elf for Cristmas you can just let him hang out in my stocking. I also want zuh zuh pets, orbez, sqeckeys, lip glos, lotions, shoes, paper game, and pillow pets cunicorns. Love, Audrey

Dear Santa, I want Zu Zu Pets and Xbox Three sixty and Black high heel Boots and Xbox Three sixty games and a elf and DS Games and BaBy all Gone and BaBy changing Time and a Moxie Girl Doll and some skirts and shirts and More stuff. Love, Lexy

Dear Santa, I want walkie takies that look like Spongebob’s eyes, and I want a watch that has a fish. Good night to all and to all a good night. Merry Christmas Santa! Love, Kaden K.

Dear Santa, I want a lego Harry Potter castle set. And a RC Car for Christmas and a elf for Christmas and look next to my stocking it has a letter. Love, Cade

Dear Santa, I rilly want for Chrimas is an ipad touch or a ipad and a bidl and so books (Weather books) i rilly love reading weather books. And i wnat a movie called: Shrek the final chapter: And: Dokeys chrismas Please! Santa! And why do you have a Rader? I love you Santa!!!! Love, Laine

Dear Santa, All I want for Christmas is a D.S. that comes with all kinds of games. And the color that I want it is purpiule or pink. Here is a qustion. Do you go for Auburn or Alabama or another team? I go fo Auburn. I think you go for Both teams. But I do not know yet Have a happy Christmas! Love, Amber

Dear Santa, What I like for Chrismas is a ipod tuch Mario vs Donkey Kong for DS. A teletabbe movie. A Magic Tree House book. A math book to do. Megamind game for DS. Donkey Kong Couchry returns. Krby’s epeak yarn for wii. M & M for my M & Ms msichin. I love my elf Santa can I ceep him please. I gave Chritifer a siley band thats you I hope he shows it to you. Love, Luke

Dear Santa, What I would like for Chrismas is a…I pad, bitty baby cholse, marshmelow gun, cholse for my amarican doll girl, snow cone mishen, dispicpal me the movie, shark movies, the witches book by Roald Dahl, make it myself book the ugly truth. P.S. can I keep my elf? Love, Emma

Dear Santa, I want to keep my elf and I Want a car for my hamster and a race track for my hamster and roller skates and a DSiXL and one of your genger breadmans and a i pad I Want A real live BaBY DUCK. Love, Dylan

Dear Santa, For Christmas I want a D.S> and a Baby Alive thateats. And  abarbie doll and car. And game that the D.S. has is a barbie game. and I want some skates too. Also I want a Yorkshi terrer and an American girl doll. Love, Lauren

Dear Santa, For Christmas I want expo markers for my board at my moms and I want waklie talkies that has Elves on them for both houses. Good night to all and to all good night! Good night Santa! Love, McKenna

Dear Santa, I want a purple phone with a key bord and music and rodholf with a puppy as my screan saver. And I want you to find my D.S. Please and I need mario yachy iland and bild a bear workshop. I want to know if you go for Auburn or alabama because you ware red and white so r that you went for alabama I want roldolf to give me a presant for christmas tell him I want a magic elf and a magic raindeer also please. Love, Sarah

Dear Santa, I’ll tel you what I want for cristmas I want-a barbie nail printer and I want a baby allive and a a fake car that is black stripes and the rest is yellow lik bum ble bee from transformers. Love, Zaugesh

Dear Santa, Santa I’ve got two qrastchin how do the rain deer fly and how do the elfs get the stuf to make toys? I whant a red rider bb gun and a ps2 and some Lang Zuu. Love, Jack

Dear Santa, For this Cristmas I would like a paper jam drum and gutar set. And most of all I would like to have a 50 doller gift car to Wall-mart. I want a Dunkinyo yo. Love, Tristen

Dear Santa, I wan’t a barbie camper set and a butterfly or a pig pilow pet and I want a diary so I can write all of my secaret stuff in there and the stuff that I did each and every day and I wan’t a elf I will take very good care of it I promise P.S. I hope you can get these things. Love, Hannah

Chelsea Park Elementary, Ms. Walton

Dear Santa, I want a water proff Machete knives a Laser Ari Gun and a Gun Sage and a Xbox 360 and a flat skin tv and a Ipod and a wii and a laptop and a Ipod tuch. Love, Brooks

Dear Santa, I want a ipod tuch and a laptop? Please Santa can I have a baby puppy please. And a easy-bake and a Baby Alive. And Santa can I have pink Bella Electric Scooter and Moxie gril’s and the game Taboo. And a Kinect for the game kinect sports. And a Dsi. Love, Jonica

Dear Santa, I want a new Hotwheel RC cars. and a todler Elf. and a Guitar. and a Lalaloomze doll. and I want Nerf guns. and I want Hunting clothes and Hunting boots. and I want a eletric scooter. and I want a look a like doll. and I want a trapoline. I want a Xbox 360. Love, Halle

Dear Santa, I want a easy bake set, make-up set, art set, designer clothing, a dog, a cook book, 35 or less stuffed animals, sassy lip gloss, computer, style lab DS game, printer, Bratz doll, elf, IPhone, Ipod touch, skin tight jeans, big couch, and a pool, water guns, puppys and thats all. Love, Welanji

Dear Santa, I want big foot the monster. I want a remote controrl buss. I want a tangeld barbe. I want a loopz game. I want a Kung Zhu battle arena. I want a colection of zoo-zoo pets. I want a Viking battle pack. I want a transformers battle Opps Bumble Bee. Love, Savannah O.

Dear Santa, I want a Xbox 360 for Christmas. I want a Nerf gun for Christmas. I want a Monster Truck wii for Christmas. I want a bike for Christmas. Love, Devin

Dear Santa, I wonder why my elf is not moving every night I put out crackers and water. Is this why he is not moving becaas I am touching hin too much. I Love my elf really really very much. I wonder how to make my elf? magic come back. Love, Grey

Dear Santa, I would like a new lego Star Wars game for wii, The movie How To Train Your Dragon, AI spy mystery book, An electrick scooter, Some pok’emon cards, A collector tin of gogo’s, A lego Harry lego set, A king Zoo Zoo set, A pok’emon game heart gold, The Diary of a wimpy kid ugly truth, A new trampoline and a new Nerf gun. Love, Christopher

Dear Santa, I want a Scooter for Christmas and a dart gun and a computer. I want a Book for Christmas and a gun and a paint gun. Love, James

Dear Santa, I have been sort of good. here is What I want: A nascar race wa Love, James

Dear Santa, I have been sort of good. here is What I want: A nascar race way, more marbles, a b-b gun thats real, a new wii, a Ds, And a wipe out Ds game. Love, Benjamin M.

Dear Santa, I want to have a Lego Star Wars and three Christmas banz. Love, Miguel A.

Dear Santa, I want a new DSI. I want a Just Dance 2 game. I want a Cookin Mama game for the Wii. I want new shoes. I want a Karate Kid movie. I also want a Video Camera. Love, Mandy J.

Dear Santa, I would like some baking stuff. I also like a ice-cream maker. I want a D.S. designer game and nail decorter. I have been pretty good this year. Love, Emily Z.

Dear Santa, I want a Wii, and some wii games. I also want some legos also. I hope I get an elf and poke’mon cards. My sister wants a barbie house. I want the movie karate kid. I want the Criss angel kit, and fushigi too. Love, William M.

Dear Santa, I want a Fur real friend my Walking pup. and a Cow girl boots and Cow girl hat and Shirt and Pants. I want a Zoo Zoo pet and an elf and Fushigi and water guns. Love, Savanna C.

Dear Santa, I want a ground force drifter. I want a musedy. I want a lot of potato salad. I want a ds. I want a riyful set. I want curoty kid three. I want the reindeer qupid. I want a computer. I want a intays pokemon pack. I want a x box three sixty. I want a wii. I want a Ipod touch. I want a big flat sreen. I want a go cart. I want a lazer gun. I want a cunect four. I want the dinosaur wars books. I want nerf guns. Love, Ryan

Dear Santa, I would like to have a Puzzle and some books. Thank you. Love, Matthew

Dear Santa, I want a reindeer and a elf and a games and I want a car and my mom wants a Dog and some makup and  my sister wants a Bike and a Scooter and all we want a tree and a nutcracker and a train. Love, Jemarius

Helena Elementary, Ms. Patterson

Dear Santa, Please come to my house and bring me presents. Please bring my BARNEY, GAMES AND BOOKS. Anything Justin Bieber .I LIKE THE SONG BABY Baby I want the see dee. I promise to be good at school. Love, Kennedy Schlueter

Dear Santa, Are the elves working hard? Are you taking care of coc? Does Mrs. Claus have your red coat ready? Santa what I want for Christmas is some books. P.S. Where is Bernie. Love, Simone Campo

Dear Santa, I believe in you and CHRISTMAS. For CHRISTMAS I WANT A MOON CHAIR (BROWN). I also would like A Madden NFL, A Mario SUPER brothers(DS) A KAROKE MACEIN. Can youbplease tell me when Ferrel (my elf0 is coming/ I AM EXCITED I HOPE I AM GOOD! P.S. HOW IS Mrs. Clause and the other elves? Love, Noah Gwin

Dear Santa, Is Obie naughty in the workshop? I WANT sonic Slam ,it is like indoor tennis. What are your favorite cookies? How old is Rudedlph? It is true you live forever? Love, Alex Franklin

Dear Santa, When you come to my house can I see Rudolph? I want signs with the months words for my wall. My teacher has them on her wall at school. I also would like a Rudolph toy. I hope you fill good. Love, Eddie Fluker

Dear Santa, When is my elf BONY COMING/ When can she come back to my house? WHAT IS YOUR FARITE kind of cookies? I WOULD LIKE A Cit and Lanie from the AMERICAN Girls.and very much some makeup from Justice. Love, Ella Barganier

Dear Santa, What kind of cookies do you like? Is Roedoff real? CAUSE SOME PEOPLE SAY THAT HE’S NOT REAL. Can I please have an ellf? See ya at the mall. Your friend Daisy Capps PS I Promis to be good where ever I go. Well I’ll try! Love, Daisy Capps

Meadow View Elementary, Ms. Austin

Dear Santa, I want Moxe girl stemp and stil and a dipin dodt maker and a blisrd maker. Love, Callie Prtisha Weaver

Dear Santa, I have ben a good girl. I want a stufed animal of Miny Mouse and a Diary Queen Ice Cream kit. Love, Sarah Slagle

Dear Santa, I want a kittin and a DSI and a pup and go to walk pup and a babby a live. And how are my elfs doing ok? I hope the nothpole is ding good. Love, Taylor Hattendorf

Dear Santa, I want a magic elf. I think it will be cool! I want money, pritty wig, and Ds games. I want My Amaricken girl doll and a DSi. I want L.p.s. and a lot more presents. I want to be able to adouped a sister. And, yes Iv ben good! oh, an a wii with a marieo game. Love, Emma Grace Hassler

Dear Santa, I want a Big Graf toy and a Magic Kit and a Ice Cram Kit and a Elf and a Dip and Dots kit and a Bilder Bare gift Sergiftafit and a Big ZeBra toy and a rain Deer toy and a new pake av clows. Love, Raegan Coleman I’v Been nice

Dear Santa, In school I have been a good behaver at school. Please give me a D.S.i and one girl elve and a i.pot and a clock that has flowers in it. I want a hannah montanna lip lops and a Nail polish of hanna montanna. Love, Jacquelyn Garcia

Dear Santa, I want xbox 360. I want the Dubble lite saber. I want a been bag. I want a real Donkei Love, Donny Griffeth

Dear Santa, I wes aur GU8 box to My Famee and My Two bast sistr and a X box 36 LiFe and a Will and sum Games and a the Gam of GrobFob ond a wwe toy a rimesta a Jonsceen. Love, Victor Rodriguez

Dear Santa, I have ben a good girl and I have ben funny to donny to and I rilley want a babby all gone to and I love you. Love, Lauren Olivier

Dear Santa, I want a X bax 360 LiFe and a gutor  and a robot and my one tv show and a tey Rex toey and my one traplin and a wood that works I hav bin a good boy. Love, Adam Wood

Dear Santa, I Had Ben a good Boy in I Wud wut a Brandoow Xbox. Love, Losue’ Renteria Cuevas

Dear Santa, Please get me too of the elves. Please get me two baby pocket elves. Please get me some Ds games. Iv been nice but my halo has been in the shop a couple of times. How have you been? I have been good in school. The End! p.s. please get me a Dsi. Love, Macie G. Halvorson 🙂

Dear Santa, pleac can I have a gutar I wod love a gutar pleac oh pleac I Wod Love a gutar. and can my brouther have a well. Santa I wod like Stouf four butrcup She woud epreasheaat it thank you Love, Mary Kate Parnell

Dear Santa, I’ve been good at school Santa. I want a alarm clock, a reindeer ornament, 2 adventure girls with a bunk bed for my adventure girls and clothes, 2 baby pocket elfs. Another elf like Alexis. I want a real donkey Love, Hannah Jones

Dear Santa, I want the game Ben 10 oletmet aelean cosmic dolstrucshin. I want a karoteo soot with a white belt. I want Marxaeoa cart for Will. I want a DSI. I want a cnan for my cmpouter. I want the spinning lite saveen Love, Kip Monroy

Dear Santa, for Christmas I wunt a DSi and a WWE Resling Reing of Mune of the bandk and a Maleoopare and a Ware Geping But I am stio a kid. Love, Christopher Duran

Dear Santa, I have been good at school all the time but sometimes I have been bad in school. Love, Carson Binney

Meadow View Elementary, Ms. Hermecz

Dear Santa, I have been very good this year. I would like a dog really bad, Paper Jam guitar, surprises and DsiXL. I also want a dirt bike so I can ride it with my step-dad. Please bring me some candy, sports games for the Wii and a Xbox 360 game for it. I want a iPod Touch, too. Love, Colt Pilkington, age 8 Thank you Santa!

Dear Santa, I would like some zoobeles, and the Littlest Pet Shop hostpital, and a bell from your sleigh. Love, Isabelle Carrozza, age 7

Dear Santa, I have been great this year. I like you very much! If you can, bring me and my family a big iPod because my family is big. Can you also bring my family our go cart? Love, Benjamin Hill, age 7 I Love You

Dear Santa, I would like candy, surprises, and a whistle to go hiking. I have been good this year. I like when you come to my house. Santa, you’re special to me because you give everybody some presents. Thank you Santa! Love, Hannah Isbell I am 7 years old.

Dear Santa, I would like a Hibbets gift card, a golden football, a Dicks gift card, a iPad, a iPod touch and a dune buggy. Love, Joe Tommey, age 8 P.S. Please send me suprises

Dear Santa, I have been good this year. I would really like a wii and the Mario bros. wii game and I also want the bowling wii game. and I want the toy story 3 movie. Ho, Ho, Ho, Ho, Ho, Ho, Ho, Ho, Ho! Merry Christmas Santa. And Thank you Santa! Love, Melanie Leon My age is 8 years old

Dear Santa, I have been good this year. I would really like a Nintendo DSiXL, a Lego Batman game, and a Lego Star Wars games. Thank you Santa. Love, Brandon Gallardo), age 7

Dear Santa, I have been good this year! I would like a blue toy car, a new video game, silver cup, and some candy. Thank you for all that you do for us. The chimny is cloged! So come in the front door! Ho, Ho, Ho 🙂 Love, Sean Fagan, age 8

Dear Santa, I hope that my elf told you that I have been very good. What I really want for Christmas is a DSI, a lego city that is a lego fire station, a game board called Cause & Effect, and a toy Christmas tree that is not electric, a ELMO. And that would be all of the stuff I want. Love, Garrett Callahan, age 8 Thank you, Santa!

Dear Santa, I have been very good this year. This year I would really like a new bike, because my old one doesn’t work very well. And this year my brother wants some cars. I’ll be sure to leve you some milk and cookies! Love, Jack Lightsey age 7 ½ Thanks!

Dear Santa, I have been very good this year. I would really like a DSI, elf boy and girl, some Barbie dolls, toy nativity and a computer, a little Santa. Thank you! Love, Alondra Rangel-Ariciaga

Dear Santa, Has my elf told you how good I’ve been this year? If I have been good this year, I would like a touch phone, a few gift cards, and an American Girl Doll. P.S. I really want an iTunes gift card. I love you!!!!!!!!!! Love, Callie Weathers, age 7 Thanks. I love you and my elf.

Dear Santa, I want a real pink camera, black and white luggage, and 1 surprise. P.S. Can you give me one more surprise and don’t to forget to look on the back. Love, Farrah Madden, age 7

Dear Santa, I have been so good this year. I would like a….Doll, 2 Elves, kite, Barbie-Doll house, play horse, cooking-play toys, paint sets, cafts, Baby Doll, Books and a history Book of past. That’s it! Thank you! Santa Love, Lucia Bautista, age 8 in Alabaster

Dear Santa, I would only want five things. The five things I want are a Xbox 360. & I have been very good this year. The other Thing is a dog, & a game for my playstation 2, & a game for my Dsi & a elf. Thank you Santa! Love, Aldo Guerra, age 7

Dear Santa, I would like a candy cane. I will give you cookies and milk. The cookies will be chocolate. Can you give me a Game Named Daragon Ball 2 Racking Bast and a stutfed animal? Gracias Santa! Love, Alan Rivas, 7 years old

Dear Santa, I have been good this year. I really want a go-cart. I would also like a razor scooter with a charger and some games for my Xbox 360. Can I get a touch screen phone/Ipod? Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love, Sam Oddo, age 7

Dear Santa, I have been sweet this year. I would like a Wii and would also like a gift card, games, iPod, a puppy, an elf and some earrings. That’s all I want. Thank-you Santa. Love, Sofia Marrufo, age 7

Dear Santa, I have been very good this year. I would like a scooter because I rode one at my friend’s house it was fun. I would also like some games for my PS2, a new bike, and books. Thank you! Love, Lauren Harris age 7 years and a half

Montevallo Elementary, Ms. Broadhead

Dear Santa, I wont a Powerd jet for cristmis. have a great chrismas. and a Sparks coudr for chrismus. Me reechisa US Santa. Ipeod dod & d.s. Love, Tyler

Dear Santa, I had a little truble this year. Wishes, more DS games, and well choose the rest. Love, Ethan

Dear Santa, I wode wunt a gtary, an a makle jasen poster. an a ipod and a phone. Gneped Baby Doll sawes D.S. Love, Beanna Slankard

Dear Santa, What I want for Christnis is a Hannh Montana wii. and I want Hannh Montana shows.  I want Shake it up wii and I want a dinsy channle wii and a Hannh Montana D.S. Love, Kerighua

Dear Santa, I would like to have a Hannah Montana se-de sound track and a some clothes and a iCarly twist Wii and a peiano. Love, Keiara

Dear Santa, I wot a paper gtar and a dard dall and a dard dall haws and a puppy and a happy cresmes day and a happy cresmes eavning. Love, Calima

Dear Santa, I wish for a mistletop and a peiano I wish for a clothes and a raindear. Adn a very Happy Christ mas! Love, Makayla

Dear Santa, I want a tv for Chismas. I want a bike and a puppy for Chismas and deer ears for Chismas. I want an big prants form you. I want a very very big treet formyou and your raindeers especially dasher and danser. I want you for Chismas. Love, Your Best Frinde Ayana

Dear Santa, I want money for a skate bord part. And I want knew pads for Christ mis Santa. I am going to gave some av the money to the cherty to help out the homelles. Love, Hannah Rose Doyle

Dear Santa, I want a stamped for Christmas and I allso whont a gokart Santa can I allso get a paper jam to I belive in you everyone shoed to you the best in the world I love Santa Clauses. I allso whont a big present. Love, Quendarius

Dear Santa, for Christmas I would like a puppy. I would like it to be White, Midium, make it a Be-zaun-freza I’ve really wanted a puppy every year because my other puppy died I never got to see it because I was a baby and that’s all I want for Christmas. Love, Anna Elisabeth Bright

Dear Santa, I would like a ne ipod it is could a soney ipod i want to be a bear to touch it. Also pink ear phones with it. Also jalerley. And Chrstmas books. And a doll that looks just like me! Love, Emily Carter

Montevallo Elementary, Ms. Dawson

Dear Santa, I can’t wate in til crismas. I hop you don’t mind if I cud have a ds for crismas. If im good can I have a go cart ples. Can you give toys to toys for tots ples if you can. Love, Christian

Dear Santa, My I please have some finger nall polesh, and some love and respect and peace and joy and my family is all I want for Christmas. Love, Alex

Dear Santa, I have ben good this year. How have you ben? How is Mrs. Clows? I have ben looking fowrs to your prest thsi year. I am stuten of the moth. 🙂 Love, Jenna

Dear Santa, My sister dos not belive you are real but i do belive you are real and you are the funest Santa in the world and i wont a lot of things for chrismas. Love, Zikerya

Dear Santa, I want you to be my bff. For Chrismast I want some cool little toys. Even I want a big barbie doll house. I hope you bring me a elf on the shelf. Love, Jaden

Dear Santa, I want a D.S. for Christmas. I want a stoptanimal for Christmas. I want a bardie for Christmas. I want Junie b. Jones books for Christmas. I cant wait till Chrismas. Love, Melissa

Dear Santa, I wonder how you can get in side of my houes. and I reley want a Wii. and super mario party 8. Love, Will

Dear Santa, I what a ipode and shows and cloes and a gun and eirrings and a ALF. Love, Ashleigh

Dear Santa, I would like a Nerf Long Strike egs, and a wheel of forend the video game, Jeperdy the video game. Maters tall tales the video game and star war the clone wars sezen two. Love, Caleb

Dear Santa, I whant to have DS game called Hellow Kitty and Fancy Nacy games. Love, Veronica

Dear Santa, I wate a wil, DS, games, dord, car, guetar, it wiler, drikbik and that is it and December is my ravit yer and I win you put down snow. Love, Orlandis

Dear Santa, I want a elf. I really learned about them from one of my friends because they have one. And I will take care of it. And if you want to know why I want a elf is becuse sometimes I get lonely. So I wand a elf. Love, Ashley

Dear Santa, Please Santa may I have a gum ball macine. I think you are the best! Can I heve for Chrismase music, a polar bear. Love, Isabella Alexander

Dear Santa, A laptop, Elexickscotter, close for Ch’eche, Graco play set, another fake dog, blue coller with dimens! I love you Santa!!! Love, Sofia Parmer

Dear Santa, I what for chrismos a DoLS and a DOLbows and BaBey aLiv weth The DiPer and The FOOD and sill staem The one That you SPera on PelPole and have Fun. Love, Miah I Love you Santa

Dear Santa, I want a i Pod touch and a xbox 360. I want a waterslide and a puppy. I want a arts and craft big kit. Love, Hayden

Dear Santa, I want a new wee ramote and lernig books and books and math books. and a paint set a horse potamas some hats some clothing. some new out fits. a ds, a radeo, a gotar, a clock, sant the elf was great. have a great crismas. and a note book. Love, Makenzie Paton

Montevallo Elementary, Ms. Lovelady

Dear Santa, For Christmas I a want a rainboots and boots and a ipod. Love, McKennan DuBose

Dear Santa, Can you gvie my nana a new selfon. Can you give my mom a new comepter. Can you give my bruthr a pant set. Can you give me a pool tables. Love, Jordan Danaway, age 7

Dear Santa, What I want for christmas is a neul thing that thay put thay fing in it. Love, Asya Sanders, age 7

Dear Santa, My Grandmother loves Elvis. She wants a Elvis blloni. I want a pillow pet for Christmas. Love, Avery Brtschinger, age 7

Dear Santa, The elves finnal made it to are house is Mrs: Claus I et you elves are workin hard on the prensets thank you for the presents for last year I like your hat. Love, Robbie Lovelady, age 7

Dear Santa, I wont a ipod touch for Christmas. I wont a noder Doll house as zachley as tall as me. I and a bike. I wont it dlue and pink. Love, Regan Fox, age 7

Dear Santa, Can i have a ipod touch and destyni. can you let us have a merry jolly cristmas. Love, Justus, age 7

Dear Santa, Dr. Santa. What I want for Christmas is TRolV Figure and Tech Deck, Hawk Eye. Merry Christmas Mr. Santa Clous and Mrs. Claus! Love, Robert Kincaid, age 9

Dear Santa, your a good person to no. can you get me a real tea set an a getar for me thank-you. 🙂 Love, Juliet Mayhall, age 7

Dear Santa, I want to thank you for all the gifts you got me last year you are the best and I want you to make this the best Christmas ever. Love, Hunter Kennemer, age 8

Dear Santa, Thank you for giving snow flake back to us we have mist him so much. I have snow flake with me at school today. he is being good right now. Love, Paige Grammer

Dear Santa, I want a drum set. and I want a phone and i pid touch and I want shoes and colthes and a skate bord. and how is mrs. claus. and have a merry christmas. Love, Jaawan, age 8

Dear Santa, I want a Mchakel Jackson wii game and Sonic colrs DS gaem and a Batman and Superman game. P.S. Merry Christmas Love, Antonio Thompson, age 8

Dear Santa, May I have the pink walli king pinrun and I wat a Dog. Love, Lauren Burkes-Moore, age 7

Dear Santa, I want a necklis for my mom and dad a picture of God and Jesus and big things for my brothers and sisters. Love, Trevon Stoutermire, age 8

Dear Santa,  Thank you for the presents can you get me a dart gun can you get somthing for my siter can I get cam and clue. Love, Holden Jones, age 8

Dear Santa,  I want a video barbby. I want barbby house. The toys you broult me last year were graet last Christmas was graet this year my brothe would like a batman hidout. Love, Hayden Dennis, age 7

Dear Santa, Thank you for that P.S.P. Now what I want for Christmas is the Michael Jackson dance wii game and sonic color wii game. Julius Johnson Age 7 Montevallo Elementary School Ms. Lovelady 2nd grade class. Love, Julius

Montevallo Elementary, Ms. Parker

Dear Santa, I have been such a good boy. for Christmas, i want a xbox and a new DS and for the xbox call of duwty blackops. i want the game to b call of Doowty black ops. And for the DS, game i want a army game. Love, Cameron

Dear Santa, I have been such a good girl a new gluvs a new giutar a move about Barbe fashin fireytills a toy blue duck and a toy elmowe Thanks so much! Love, Michaela Oden

Dear Santa, I have bee a good girl this year. For Christmas I would like an I-Pod touch and a GOGO Dog that walks, the baby alive that bouncise, and the baby alive or baby all gone, thanks sooooooo much. P.S. I promis to leave yo cookies and milk. Love, Kali Yancey

Dear Santa, I hope you bring me and new bike a dress with boots I hope you have and great Chrimas I need a babby stuff a babby bed and hannah montanna stuff. Love, Timyriauna Purnell

Dear Santa, How are you doing? I want a music box that plays a good tune, and wii bec ause Luis and me and Lucas has been begging for it. I am very good in school. Merry Christmas! Love, Rebeca Emiliano

Dear Santa, I have been such a good girl this year. For Christmas I would like an I-pod touch, and a gogo dog that talks. And a bike, clothes from Justice, pillow pet a dog one, D.S. a blue one. A phone. Silly bands from Justin beber. And a New folder i don’t care if its ugly. hope you have a safe year and a laptop. Love, Kimberly Garcia

Dear Santa, I hope you and Mrs. Claus and all of the elfs are doing well. What I want for Christmas is a gogo dog and a clothes and shose pakeg too. and a wii wtih the game Juste Dance and some of the boots that have the flat botum. tell everyone at the wrokshop I sed Hi. Love, Emily Haynie

Dear Santa, How you beeh. I want a guitur and a new phone. a new skooter. Plaese and a Boxer. I love you Santa! Love, Jay Dreyer

Dear Santa, For Christmas I would like a I-Pod touch, and a all gone baby, and a makeup kit. And a pillow pet. And cloth for my baby. Have a save trip! Love, Itzel Medina

Dear Santa, I have bee a good girl. Please bring me that toy in Freds I need milk for my baby doll that I sleep with. Please bring my sister Sopnge Bob, me Toy Story things and my mama chairs for our table. Thanks so much! I love you! Love, Sarah Garcia

Dear Santa, I have been such a good boy. I wot a dirtbike for Christmas. I wot a tuchfon for Christmas. Miy bruther wot a iTuch foo Christmas. Miy mom and dad a now bed for mom and dad Christmas. Love, Nick Boyd

Dear Santa, For Christmas I want Santa Paws, a Woody, and a bleezerd maker. Tell Rodoff I said hi please. Merry Christmas and a happy new year!!!!!!!!!!! Love, Brett Terrill

Dear Santa, I be good. I want a cariss cross cruncher tooms app. I love you Santa your nis. Your nis and good. I love Christmas and you. Your my best friend. Love, Jacob Jones

Dear Santa, I have been a good girl this year. What I want for Christmas is a pillow pet and a barbie house and have a new year. Love, Tanya Martinez

Dear Santa, I am a good boy. Hope you had a good Thanksgiving. For Christmas, please bring I Pod 4, 1 AP to a new DSi, pokemon shirt. Thank you. Love, Holden Proctor

Dear Santa, I want a dertbike a toy Edge. a muny belt an AuBurn Jersey. a Hunting curtin a gun pyowter a Montevallo footbool helmint. Love, Wyatt Picklesimer

Montevallo Elementary, Ms. Seay

Dear Santa, I have been good this year. I would like the beyblade new rockaries and evil gimeoes and Shadow Probe and earth eagle and liningL Drago and his luncher and Ben10 ultmute Alien game. Love, Cody

Dear Santa, You make me jolly all inside. You bring happieness to all of the kids in the world. We thank you for that you’ve done with Christmas. Love, Kanden

Dear Santa, Dear Santa have bin good at scool and i have no stike I wood like a xbox 360 and a Play Stashin 3 and i watn lost of games. I want magmind. I want living rabbits travel in time. I want pokmon. Love, Saadiq

Dear Santa, You are the best Santa ever. I like to cook. I need new shoe for crismos. I Love You Santa! Love, Savana Smith

Dear Santa, I want a potne maker plessas. you are so cool you are my mbp. I want to be popler so that you will be amastd. I want some Masy Beay books. I Love you. XOXOXOXOXOXOXOX. I want a x box 3 60 to.  Love, Alyse Jones

Dear Santa, I’m Good every day. I wode like a Army Helukotey with of a medic sargeres, and a x box three 60, and 1 of your efese the that wood I like for Crismas. P. S. Ask the Dad and cite. Love, Gabriel

Dear Santa, I want to have a Tagled wedding gift set and a coten cand mackery and a mp3 and a pool and a auburn puppy dog but not real just a stuffed animals and a new pare of winter pjs. Love, Olivia

Dear Santa, Santa can you get me a ipied tuch for Crismus because I have ben good. Santa allsow can you get me a gocar for Crismis and a mordlesicle for Crismis. Love, Dakotah

Dear Santa, I want a iPod. I want a car. I want a F. I want a girlfriend. Shelby. I want a famos. I want to dance good. I want to run fast. I want a fast car. Love, Christopher Bridwell

Dear Santa, Can I have a nurd dog and a cat toy but the Dog is Ril but the dog is a gral so the Dog has a Cor and a Fecar. Love, Earen

Dear Santa, I want  a Wii for Cristmas and a pet goldfish. and a chreat and some magic stot. and a funny elf. and a ipod. and a magnit make save meadols halls. and a ds for cristmas. thank you santa! Love, Jonathan Mancha

Dear Santa, I what a IPod. a plowl I what a x box 360 for my feyle. Love, Anna Laura Sara Green

Dear Santa, I would like a Xbox 360 with some bootball game for and a football game for my wii for it. I am being good so you can bring me presitnes on Chrismas eve and some dirtbike does the color is red and some blue one’s for my siste named Polly because has one. Love,  Jeremy

Dear Santa, What I want for Cristmas is clothes, necklaces, earings, bicycle, night stand, pencils, jackets, sweters, nightlights, DS, movies, baby dolls, barbies, little cristmas tree. Love, Ashley Nicole Scott

Dear Santa, I whant a Dis for cresmas. I want a get torre for cresmiss. I whunt a ipod tuch. I whunt a backpake. I whunt a sckatbard. I whunt a pera uv cklos. I whunt a nowe pera us shuwhes. Love, Shelby

Mt. Laurel Elementary, Ms. Ansley

Dear Santa, I hope you will come to my house first. I will have milk and cookies out for you. I hope you bring me lots of presints for me and Luke and the rest of my family. Love, Jake Haywood

Dear Santa, I want a Taylor Swif microphon. And I wont some Elf clos so I can play in the clos. And I want a Taylor Swift wig. I want enythag that I need. Oh and some gewelry too. Love, Kelli Barnes

Dear Santa, I would reley apresheat it if you got me a guiter For cristmas. I’m relly in to music. If you do I wnat it to be bule or green. Love, Caroline Parisher

Dear Santa, I hope you will go to every bodies houses. I hope every body get good presnts, and that the porr get presnts to, and that my family get good prents to. Love, Patrick

Dear Santa, I want a million dollars. I would spend it on the things I want like books. Thanks for giving me presents. I like Christmas a lot! I would like a WII game some elves and reindeer. Love, Mat

Dear Santa, I hope you a thrilling day! How was it? I hope it was great because the res a-lot of people who want presents! P.S. I hope you had a Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas! Love, Cole Kennedy, age 8

Dear Santa, I hope you took care of my Elves. And you took care of your self. And I hope you have a wonderful Christmas! And I hope you don’t work to much. Have a great Christmas Love, Landry

Dear Santa, I want a slide phone so I can play games on it and babysit. I would like a piano so I can pratest. I would won’t a new bike that doesint have training wills. I would won’t a ds i. Love, Avery Thrasher

Dear Santa, What I want for christmas is a hamster because I want anouther pet. And I want it because its small and you can play with it. Love, Abby

Dear Santa, It must be hard telling all of your elves what to do but you do it well. What I want for Christmas is a couple of books a couple of video games and a couple of stuff for video games. Love, Austin Scott Dillon

Dear Santa, Will you please give me a new wii game and it is called babysitting mama. And it will be so cool. Will you give me a Mario ds game? I hear it is so cool. Love, Katie Wilkinson

Dear Santa, Thank you for all the fun toys you give me. You are a very great man. I would never ever hurt or harm you. I hope you do not die to soon, I hope you stay alive and have a happy life. Just like you have now. You are great, becase you are Santa. Love, Shelby Roberts

Dear Santa, First I would like to thank you for giving me presents. I want a easy bake micorwave. So I could cook you something. I want phone so I can call you. Love, Myan

Dear Santa, I want a 4×4 remot controle for chrismas. And a bebe gun. With A scope and some bebes. And A benbag to. Love, Alex Mock

Dear Santa, You are the best persen in the world cause you give out gifts and we all love you and hers some things I want from you I would like the blezzerd thing and the dippendotes and the thing you can make your own couten candy. Love, Kristy Harding

Dear Santa, My brother has a elf. The elf wrote a letter he said we were being good so far. I hope we don’t get on the noddy list. I will miss the elf. Love, Gray Busby

Dear Santa, Santa plees DS oh dS Games and mareeo gams and 10 go Gams the End. Love, Robert Scott

Dear Santa, i lv eyou so much and cool i will love to tale pictures with you santa and tell the Dears that hi to ok. Love, Joshua

Dear Santa, You are so sweet and kind to bring all those preints to us. I bet it’s hard. Tell all your elvs that Tyalor Gentle said thank thing I want is a peano. I hope you like our deskorashans. evrybody in joys you so much. I think you are so wondorfull and amasing. Chrismiss is my favorite holoday. I love elves and snow men. I voted for you as my favorite Chrimiss Character. Love, Taylor

Mt. Laurel Elementary, Ms. Wilbourne

Dear Santa, I was wondering if Rudolph is oing to lead your sled on Christmas Eve. I want barbie stuff, American girl stuff, School stuff, babby doll stuff.  I want another elf by my mom won’t let us get another one. And I do wnat Tangled the movie I hope you have a great Christmas. It is realy geting hard to pick out what you want when your this age. Love, Avery Thompson

Dear Santa, We are so thankful for you. We also thank you for the presents you give us. We all love you so much. Say nice hat you have very good clothes. Love, Parker Szush

Dear Santa, I want a gum Ball machine a nicer cat Flicity the Doll a tiny ELF the new movie ROnma and Bezes and to be on the newspaper! Love, Delaney Casselman

Dear Santa, I wont fer christma is a a dsi and a ds. Love, John Paul

Dear Santa, I won’t lots of things for Chrismas. My 1,2,3 things that I really won’t is a video game Sonic Colors and a baby ELF and a Paper Jams gatar. I hope you have a good Chrismas to. Love, Nick Lozito

Dear Santa, I’ve been a good girl this year and for Christmas I woud like…..DSI. American Girl Doll. Guitar, Blizzard maker. Barbie, Zhu Zhu pet and track, Monopoly Juinor, Radio, Buildabear reindears, Sleeping bag. Love, Allison D. Fowler

Dear Santa, I want DS games, Wii games, a DSI, American Girl Dolls, American Girl Accessories, Books and Marmaduke. I also want a bunny the comes with a cage. The thing I want the most is the bunny. I want it please, please, please. I really want my Christmas wish to come true. My Christmas wish is to have a good Christmas! Love, Emma Wolfe

Dear Santa, Thank you for my presents that you give me I like my DSi and my moped on the out side it was a relley big box for a second I thought it was robot pearents but then I saw it my mouth droped opened I screamed I even love my three elfs I even love there names Candece, Dana and Max. Love, Haley Duca

Dear Santa, I would like a bike and a four weeler and a Hamster, a puppy! I also would a baby new born baby doll, I would also like a I pod tuch, I would Love an art set, oh and some more zuzu pets please, some more DS games, Thank you for always surprising me at my house. you’ve always been there for me. Love, Molly Nicole Butts

Dear Santa, Please get me anything that is romote control and get me a nerf gun. Also a elf I really want those. One more thing I also want a pogo stick. I have all ways wanted these toys. So please get me all the toys thta are on this paper. Love, Nathan Lee Deese

Dear Santa, I have to much choises of what I want. Please help me choose. I want a Repunzel hair braider. I want GoGo my walking pup. I have lots more. Love, Keely Strickland

Dear Santa, I like play Games. I like Sonic colors. I like Mario party. Sonic is Blue. I like to be a snowman. Have a Great day. Love, Marquis Gibbs

Dear Santa, THANK YOU SANTA! I Hope You Have A Happy Life! My Dad Wants A Cotton Candy Machine. Eden wants A Lot Of Blankets. Love, Stetson Tirey

Dear Santa, Do you know the Elf Martins dad? I want a Barbie video camra doll? The Elf Martin loves sugar cookies! The Elf Martin is a good Elf. How are you? Can you sen dme one more Elf for my sister! We will both have an Elf then. Love, Jasmine Fisher

Dear Santa, You had been so nice to me and my family. Thank you for sendinf Maten and Chance. You make evryone cheer on chiristmas. I love your big and white beard. Thank you for helping us sceel a brat chiristmas. Thank you for evrything you do for us on chiristmas night. I love you Santa! Love, Riley Abston

Dear Santa, Thank you for sending Christopher Pop-in kins again this year. This year we got his sister. What is Christopher’s jod? and What job does Christina Maria have? I wish me and my family was a Elve. The jod I would like to have is making toys. Do you like your jod? Do you have fun? Love, Emily Gray Cannon

Dear Santa, Please give me The sonic motorcyle and the blue sonic with sonic colors. My baby brother wants a tow truck for Christmas. Love, Kevin Wangai

Dear Santa, I wish I will see you nosth because I will miss you when Christmas is over I will see you he will back in Christmas when I am in 3 Grae. Love, Landon DiGiovanna

Dear Santa, How do the Elf’s make a toy for everyone in the world in one year? How do you give everyone there prezents in there hous? How do raindeers fly? Is the slay magic? Love, Jake Adams

Valley Elementary, Ms. Anderson

Dear Santa, I want a few new DS games especially the one called new super Mario bros. I want a DSIXL my mom said not till I’m 9 your choice Santa. I want a new basketball. Love, Shawn

Dear Santa, How are yuo dooing cood yuo get a a mercin dall and a mercin hors. Love, Kassidy B.

Dear Santa, Is Max telling you good things or bad things about me? I am hopeing that you get something for Christmas this year. For Christmas this year I would like a turtle (with cage). I would also like an American girl Doll (Julie) or a hamster. Have a Merry Cristmas! Love, Emma

Dear Santa, How is rodd the red non rarbir? Santias so did you git a your letrs! I will like a mocin car. Os I wnd like a mocin helitr. I hope you have god Chmimis! Love, Amont Davis

Dear Santa, How was your sleep? How are your elf’s doing? Are the elf’s good? Can I please have a wii? I would also like a PSP. If you have time for one more present I would like a X-box kicent. I hope you have another great sleep. Love, Brianna Copeland

Dear Santa, How ar eyoutoday Santa? I hope you have a good Christmas santa. can I Please have a dsIxl? Can I Please have the game headbands. Love, Samantha Coe Carter

Dear Santa, How are you doing? What do you want for chistmas? Please can I have an Apple Ipod touch? Also a pink electric scooter? Love, Peyton McDaniel

Dear Santa, How’s my Elf doing? Santa what do you want for Christmas? May I please ahve an iPold? I would also like a gift card. I hope you  have a very mery Christmas! Love, Abby Camlic

Dear Santa, How are you doing Santa? Hope you give every children a present. Would you Please get me a iPod. I would also like a DS. Have a Mery Mery Christmas! Love, Rhea Rajkumar

Dear Santa, How is Dasher? Has my elf been telling good things or bad things? Can I please have a baby alive? And I would like the sorcerers aprintice and Dispiceble me. Love, Jadyn

Dear Santa, How is rowdof today. I hope you haed a good slep. can I please have a Esey Baker? and I allsow wont a Bike with 2 wils and a smoll bike? Have a goo Christmas? Love, Laila Harrell

Dear Santa, How are you, Mrs. Clause, and the raindeer doing? I hope everybody gets prezents this year. Please would you bring me a DQ blizard maker with the ice creame and toppings? I would also like a Skatebrd with knee pads for Christmas. I hope you have a very Merry Christmas! Love, Macy Johnson

Dear Santa, How are you doing Santa? Are you doing awesome? I hope you got a good rest. Please can I have a puppy and a fone? I allsow want a now bike and a Ilf? I hope you have a good Christmas. Love, Tanner Simmons

Dear Santa, How are you and Mrs. Clause? What do you want for Chrismas? can I Please have zoobels And I also want a DS and a DS games. I hop you have a merry chrismas! Love, Jiya Lewis

Dear Santa, How was your Thankgiving? What do you want for chirmas? Can I please have the book called the Dairy of wimpy kid the ugly truth? Can I also please have the super squid toy club house? Have a Good New year! Love, Wesley

Dear Santa, I wont a Doll and I wont a Ball and I wont a Pic toy and I wont a BPMDS and for Fisr and a SLeD and a Snack and a copuydr. Love, Lene

Valley Elementary, Ms. Hale

Dear Santa, I would like a amaracan girl doll, the most. Look on the internet my sister typed it there. My sister Katie monti said she wants chesedip. Me and Katie have been good girls. 🙂 Love, Brooke Monti

Dear Santa, I have been a good boy. I want a hawk eye, xbox 360, Assassins creed for xbox, Nerf Stampede. Love, Hill

Dear Santa, I whant some lego star wars I whant a Nerf gun. Fast ar. I whant a some vido games. I whant a PS3 Tenste. I whant game army men in the stocking and markers. Love, Zach

Dear Santa, I wish I am a good girl for chrismas because I would like a present for christmas. And all I want for Christmas is a I Touch. Love, Phoebe

Dear Santa, I want for christmas is a PSP, DS., X Box 360 kinnect, puppy, hamster, Polly pockets, T.V. flat screen, Phone, lap top, and a checkbord, white bord. Love, Maria

Dear Santa, I have been a god girl this year and I want a D.S arabbet, and the moiv Zoom. Love, Claire McAdams

Dear Santa, I been a good girl! What I want for chistma I want a IPOD touch and a DSI, 10,000$! Love, Zitlaly

Dear Santa, May I have a phone for Christmas? Pleeeeeease. I just want 1 more thing I relly want it to snow. Thats all I want. Love, Alanna

Dear Santa, for christmas I whant a xbox kinect for christmas and a lap top and a soccer goal and I whant a iPod and a iPod touch and 200$. Love, Salvador Jimenez

Dear Santa, I want a Lego Boba Fett Slave A Darth Maul lego watch. I want a nintendo D.S.I. Love, Kenneth Hernandez

Dear Santa, I have been so good I will like an Elf. and a D.S. als some close. and some toys. Love, Michel Navarete-Cruz

Dear Santa, I have been a great child this year. I would like to have this year a star wars Lego set with all of the jedi and clones and a game sonic colers. Love, Ernie Delgadillo Jr.

Dear Santa, I yus a good Boy. I yot D.S. I and Need for Speed hot pursuit 9010 and Axe Hotweels car rc Jeep rc cars Love, Edin

Valley Elementary, Ms. Posey

Dear Santa, This Christmas I would like a bike, a Nintendo DS, a bendies, some new shoes, new clothes, Magic fabric, Lego packets, DQ Blizzard Maker, Aqua Sand, Zhu Zhu pet and a Barbie. Love, Amari Springer

Dear Santa, What I want for Christmas is for Jesus to have a happy birthday, and I think I want the cutest, real live, Boxer dog. Love, Catherine Delaney Blake

Dear Santa, I want a remote control car, and a Nerf gun, and a game, and a Zhu Zhu pet, Indiana Jones, DsiXD, electric guitar, iPod Touch and new shoes. Love,  Tony Vasquez

Dear Santa, For Christmas I want a Zhu Zhu pet, Legos, Fin Fin Friends, Littlest Pet Shop, Tangled’s horse and the doll, Wii, Wii Sport, Kung Zhu, Easy Bake, 1,000 more melt beads, Paper Jamz, a computer, and a dry erase markers and the board. Love, Jennah Warren

Dear Santa, For Christmas I want a toy hamster just like Jennah. But not a real one, a fake one, and a Barbie with a fake dog, and a movie for my little brother, Toy Story 3 Movie. Love, Della Nisse Aguirre

Dear Santa, For Christmas I want WWWE money in the big rig, Spy Net night vision, spy car, spy helicopter, spy watches, Lego City Lego Police, too. I want all of this because these toys and Legos are all very, very, very, very, very cool. Love, Cole Stewart

Dear Santa, I would like a DsiXL and a Zhu Zhu pet and an electric guitar and an iPod Touch and a Lightning McQueen for the Wii. Love, Landon Carter

Dear Santa, This Christmas I want a DsiXL, any iCarly DVD, one Lego pack, and Fast Math for the computer. Love, Garrett Dodd

Dear Santa, I want a Toy Story 3 toy. I want a Buzz Lightning. I want the Scooby Doo movie. I would like some Legos. Love, Alexis Garcia

Dear Santa, Thank you for my elf Zippy Zoey! For Christmas I want a camera, Magic 8 Ball, guitar, glow in the dark rainbow magic springs, a swim to me puppy, iPod Touch, candy lip glosses, sugar sweets, blizzard maker, cotton candy maker and make up kit. Love, Sydney Grice

Dear Santa, For Christmas I would like…a Zhu Zhu pet, small Legos, a marble race set, Fin Fin Friends, Littlest Pet Shop, an Xbox Kinect, Xbox Kinect games, an iHome, PSP games, DS games and an art set. Love, Aubrey Jay Robert

Dear Santa, I want a Xbox 360, and Zhu Zhu pet, and iPod, and toys, and car, lamp, books, bike, pet, electric guitar, bunny, TV, a Hannah Montana book. Love, Ahayeli Vasquez

Dear Santa, I would like a PSP, Play Station 3, 1,000 more Legos, Kung Zhu the game for the Wii and PSP, pogo stick, a huge kick ball, a new electric guitar, WWW Flex Force money in the bank, a iPod Touch. Love, Zachary Rushton

Dear Santa, For Christmas I would like…indoor soccer shoes. I would also want a soccer ball and outdoor soccer shoes with metal cleats. Love, Loises Munoz

Dear Santa, I want a car toy and some shoes and a PSP. Love, Brayan Benitez Esqiuel

Valley Elementary, Ms. Pruitt

Dear Santa, caen you get me a bell? Can I have a ds.i. please? have I been a good boy? Singyesor No Love, Dakota

Dear Santa, How are you doing Santa? I want a Bell for Christmas. are the elves woirking hard I Have been good. Love, Andruw

Dear Santa, Do you ever get a present for Christmas? Santa, is Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer real? I Love Christmas and I love movies about Christmas too! Do you watch any movies? Have I been good? I wonder how the North Pole looks? I want a DSI Please and a stuffed animal. Love, Kennedy

Dear Santa, How are you? ive been a good boy. I am good. I want a MP3 Plaer and Inkcheart movie, and a caqmera watch. I also want a black guitar and a necklace. Love, Krist

Dear Santa, I hope you have a grat Christmas you are the best Santa ever. How are elves doing? They are good elves. I think they are doing good and good on the toys they better Love, Josh

Dear Santa, How are you? How is Rudolph and the rest of the reindeer? For christmas I want Lego star wars with lasers, Guns, lightssavers, bazooka’s, windows of all kinds, technology stikers, Lots of Planks, with the all star wars people, Bombs for space ships and other things. I’ve been Good this year. Love, Henry

Dear Santa, How is your day? Are you doing good? Can I please have Auburn clothes and toys? You are so so sweet, nice, and kind. Tell Wendy that I love her very much Tell Wendy that she is nice, cute, sweet, and kind I am so so good. I have been so good this year. Love, Madison

Dear Santa, How do you get the reindeer? How are you? All I waht for Christmas is a DSI and a dog, a cat, a horse, and girl’s toys. Also some dress please! Love, Destini

Dear Santa, H How are you I hope you?are good. can you bring me a airplane? you are so nice. you are not Bad to other people. Ive been good so you can buy me my airplane. How did you buy a reindeer at the pet store? I like your reindeer. Thankyou santa for bringing my airplane. and a DS. Love, Jonathan

Dear Santa, I am going to tell you what I want for Christmas let me tell you What I want  is an elf because I love elves made from you. Love, Jackelin

Dear Santa, I wonder how you have been in the north Pole? I have been good, o will you bring me toys? oh by the way I’ll buy you a present. How are your elf’s doing? I hope thay been good too. Love, Kevin

Dear Santa, I have been very good this year. I hope I get lots and lots of presents. I hope you had a great year in the North Pole. How is Rudolph? Are your elves happy for making toys for the boys and girls that are being good? I can’t wait till I get to go to the mall to ask you for gifts. Are your elves kids? I have lots of toys on my list! How do you give gifts only in one night to all the good boys and girls? Love, Jaley Davis

Dear Santa, I have been good this year. and I am going to leave some food out for your Reindeers. I am going to leave food for you. Love, Jordyn

Dear Santa, Have you had a good year? I have not seen Rudoph. Some times I have heard noises in my house. Do you think it was you? I looked out the window and Saw a red circle moving. I hope you come this year. Are elves just like kids. Have a good year! Love, Lane

Dear Santa, Christmas is my favorite time of year. So how are you? I wish I could see you on Christmas night. How are you doing in the North Pole? Love, Nathan

Dear Santa, I have been good. I want for Christms is a horse. How is the North Pole? Is it cold? IS there Dogs in it? i want a Alaskan Huskie. I feed your reindeer. Love, Chloe

Dear Santa, Do you have magic? Santa do you bring elves with you? how is Rudolph IS he hurt? Santa, I don’t have a chemny. IS I true that the northpole IS always covered with snow? I would like a Cam newton jersey, IPOD, double aa batteries, and an electric guitar. Love, Bradley

Valley Elementary, Ms. Renfro

Dear Santa, I want a DSi for Christmas, a wii, psp, an mp3 with songs, some toys, a bike with 5 seats, a play stayshen, and an ipod. Will you give a car to my Dad, a big car? The other one is old. Love, Erika, Merry Christmas.

Dear Santa, I want an I pod touch. I want lost of stickers. I want lots of Hello Kitty stuff. You are the best peason ever!! My brother wants a monster truck. I want Hello Kitty p.j.s and L.P.S. p.j.s. Love, Isabella

Dear Santa, I want the whole series of the 39 clues, Spider-man DS, & the whole series of Wily & grandpa’s creature features. Get my mom & dad something nice. Get my brothers what they want. Thank you! Love, Jackson Maxwell

Dear Santa, I wont a DSiXL. I wont wii games. I wont a reamote centrl car. I wont a Hamster. Love, Carter

Dear Santa, I have bin a good girl. I will want a dsi and PSP. Will you give my sister earings? Will you give my mom something nice? Merry Christmas. Love, Lesly

Dear Santa, I want to give my cusin a presit. I really want to give my mom a ring and a braslit. I have curled lights this year on my tree. Love, Morgan

Dear Santa, I was good in school. I want a book Wiley and Grhannap and an i poade. Love, Gabriel

Dear Santa, I want 2 discks for my PSP. I want 2 Lazercars. I want a transformer. Love, Jason

Dear Santa, I want a nrf gun. I want a batman toy. I am going to leve out milk and cookey’s. Love, Brad

Dear Santa, I wont two Kun Zhu and a battle arena. I have been good. Love, Edwin

Dear Santa, I was good. Im alway happy to see you Santa. Do you want a coat? Do you want cookeis and milk? Love, Jonathan

Dear Santa, I have been good every year. I want 30 star wars lego mens for Christmas. I want a Club Penguin Membership for Christmas too. Love, Zach

Dear Santa, I want for Christmas 2 boxes de Legos and a car and a Traformet and a Wii. Love, Jeison

Dear Santa, I just want to be surprised. But I want a cookey hampster webkins and an armadloe webkins. I also want to know what Miss. Claus looks like. Love, Annika Galloway

Dear Santa, I was good. Can you please give me furry boots with furry lases, frogy pjs, Hana Montana pjs, SpongBob pjs and, pink and a purple shirt? Love, Katie

Dear Santa, I want shoes with Welse also a jacit with 20 pocits. So I can win pocit math. Love, Carlos

Wilsonville Elementary, Ms. McKeller

Dear Santa, I want a boagel dog and a cuordwgon an a scatbord an a mosetrowe an a wii and the new xbock an a new bieke an a roteo with evrey theing and a shotgun with two borll an a pestoll. if you theck this is a nofe pont no if you dotn theck this is note a nufe pont yes. Love, Tanner Shane Roland

Dear Santa, I want some x rosman pellets and a DSI. I want some camo coveralls and a camo long sleve shirt. I also want a camo short sleeve shirt and an X Box 360 (black one). and all cinds of camo and a new air soft gun a camo hat and a very brit ornge hat and a confo zozo pets thank you. Love, Logan I Love you Santa

Dear Santa, I would like a Beddrow ples! Santa, a i bugging you Santa Ples I a 410 pies a DSi because its cool and a shot gut ples Santa a Just Bever Book and a grench movi. and a Bik and a toy truck ples Santa I love you Santa Jacob Langston. Wilsonville. Love, Jacob L.

Dear Santa, I want more of those Beds and same boots and same more zoo zoo pets and I want a crimise tree in my deb room and dad yolake and I want and the new doll hose stuf and same pepermites I want a Cismis pressand sose to mach. Love, Mollie

Dear Santa, I want…Dsi, Rollerrand ice skates, vet set littlest pet shop, Alabama calender, soccerball, Orbeys, squeakys, zoo zoo pets, a Rudolph the red nosed raindeer stuffed animal, Dukes of Hazzerd play car, Oporashon the game, prfume, lip stike, nail polish all kinds of colers, clear polish, new bed covers maby cristmas, babby mouse books, Glow in the dark bindoroos. Love, Rachel Shea Johnson P.S. Don’t eat to many cookies!

Dear Santa, I am going to whit you a letter What I want for Christmas. I want a dirt bike sinse I got biger now. I want a baskit ov candy for me and sabrina because we love candy spechiy. Chlockit we love chlockit to delth. I want a nen bike for Christmas and a goat cart that will not brake. I am going to leve you some chlockit cooky’s and a glass of milk to drink. I want a chaly danyer cd and a Justin bever cd to Please and 1 more thing a sel Phone Please I want one. Love, Mike Vickery

Dear Santa, The best present I have gave someone was a toy car. a Airplane. a Nintindo dsi. a game a Leapfrog. a computer. a Wii. a Play Stashion 3. a puppy. a Lunchbox a New croyon Box. Love, Christopher

Dear Santa, I want a Legos game a Spywatch and hexhug and a nerf gun. with buliets. I would reaily like a bike and pegs. Love, Quentin Hill

Dear Santa, I wont a tree domi oble gun and a fast car that gose over 100 sped. I wolud like oew afi thime and crepey cralcks and a nearf gun and sunik colers and strer gun and a D.S. moreo gamse and a laptop and a heter. Love, Michael

Dear Santa, I woud like a choo choo train. I also like 6 zoo zoo pets and Sneekers. A dog toy for Sammy. Also a barbi kitty cat set. I want a jug of bobles. I woud Michael Jakson sdr Butterfly set. I also want Donkey Crismas. I want a alarm clok. I hope you have a Mrey Crismas. Tell Rudolph I said hey. Love, Lexie

Dear Santa, I would like 2 more zoo zoo pets. Also I would like 2 nerf Guns. I would like orbees and sqickies. And I would like Glow in the Dark Bendaroos. And I would like a sham wow. And I would like a play ar a play serpa play nife a play shiID. And I would like a Barbie Vacation set. And I would like a Barbie kitty vet set. And I would like a Michael Jakeson sd. and I would my pittle pet shop play set. And I would like Chloe purfum. I would like an alarmeclock and Shurek the halls and Donkeys Christmas and Shrek for ever after. And I would like some more tomas train cherak. and I would like creepy crawler. Love, Jorja

Dear Santa, This is Jordann. I wont a skat bode. and a new bog and a new forewiller. and for a new 42 rivll and a new BB gun. because are rustey and old. and I wont to see rudolph the red nose randear. and for a good Christmas. Love, Jordann

Dear Santa, It’s Phillip. This is what I want for Cristmas. A shot gun & a four wheeler & 5 hamers & a tool box full with tools. I want a cell fone. That is what I want for Cristmas. Love, Phillip

Dear Santa, Heoll Santa how are you this is what I want. Alabama Flag, call of duty, Kincet. Alabama book, computer, 4 weller, shot gun, A Florida helment, Alabama helment. And the rest a sprise. Love, Conner P.S. Be safe!

Dear Santa, I want a pillow pet and dippen-dots I want to ask you somthing do you eat pepper-mint? and I want a wack-a-mole set and a Spongebob Pillow and a Sponge bob unbrella. Thank you for all you do Santa and be safe. Love, Katelynn

Dear Santa, Dear Santa thank you for braging me toys like a bike or Jone Cena a snake toy how many Elv do you have Love Tae. I want a Folwilor a matorskol a Armame set a think thank you can fisk and a lunch box Love Tae. Love, Tae

Dear Santa, For Christmas I want a bop it. And I want 50 little balls for the hippo game. And I want squinkies. And I want a carniville games a DSI game. And I want the camp rock 2 the Finle jam DSI game. And a ball pit. And a real gatar. PS a big ball pit. Love, Kaitlyn Fracnesca Collins

Wilsonville Elementary, Ms. Miskelly

Dear Santa, I want a Wii and a Justin Bebier manequin. I would like a MP3 player. I Love you Santa. and how menny elves to you have When you come to my house, wake me up. Love, Amanda

Dear Santa, I want a dirt bike for Christmas and a snake from santa so Much. I bilive in santa so much. I want a bow sow much. I like Christmas so much. I”ve been good. Love, Landen

Dear Santa, I want for christmas is a I pod touch. American girl named Lanie. Then I want a I Pad. Then I want a selena Gomaz cd and DVD. Then I want a Laptop. Thats all. Do you have a berd? Do you have a real Life toy shop? Love, Anna Mariea Evans

Dear Santa, Dear Santa, I would like you to wake me up at christmas night and let me see your reindeer and let me ride in your sled. Most of all I would like to see Rudolph with his shine nose. Santa, I would like a new D.S. pokemon game, The orange bird kind. a real sled to ride down The Hill in the snow, a regler pokeman game, and do not let my mom know I want an ipod. Let me go to the nothpol. I want a Africa deer huteing game. Love, Micah

Dear Santa, All I want for Christmas is a 410 shot gun, Bolt action rifle with scope and come cross bow. What is it like up there? I like you. Love, Hall

Dear Santa, I would like to have a reindeer for Christmas and a dog and a for weller and a 4×4 truk and 1 more thang it is can I see your raindeer? I want a dirt Bike a dog racer a cat A 22w and sume snow glowbse And a cow and a IPod A ant farm and a mp3 plaer and a Dsi. I want you to waack me up to see your reindeer. Love, Stinson

Dear Santa, I wont for Christmas Phone and a Chrampling, and a scooter. Santa you, are the best. I like puppies. can you get me a puppies? I wont a coclit Lab. I have ben good. You are too. I want an elf, a real elf. Love, Emily

Dear Santa, I don’t think you’re real but if you are here’s my list. Air Hogs Hawk Eye, sled, ATV for kids, punching bag, puppy, Mario vs. Donkey Kong for nintendo ds, Lego Harry Potter game. Love, Zachary

Dear Santa, I want to get a DS! I want girl puppies and and dog toys. I also want a girl reindeer, a girl fish, a girl cat, and a wii game. I want a toy tooth fairy. I want alot of snow: you are real! Leave the presentents on tporch! Love, Noel

Dear Santa, What I want for Christmas is a 104 shotgun and a 12 gage. It seems kind of big for me. Well what is it like up there? I wish I could see but I’m way down here. I realy want a four wheeler alot. And the new Halo for xbox. And most of all a girl lab. Love, Chase Daris

Dear Santa, I want a game how do yoar reindeer fix? Does it snot their in the sumer? Marey Christmas! Love, Brett

Dear Santa, Dear Santa, What I want for chistmas is a gun and Junie B. Jones books. They are 3rd grade. What do you have at the nofpole? Love, Brandon

Dear Santa, I want a bebe rifle gun and a air soft rifle gun and a rifle rifle. I also want a cross bar rifle and an xbox 360 and shous with wiles. Love, Tanner

Dear Santa, My favorite hoiday is…Christmas. Chritmas is a special holiday becacause thats Jesus birthday. I like Christmas do you? You shoul say yes because you get presents! How many elves do you have. Love, Catherine

Dear Santa, I want for Chrismas is a DS, wii, and a puppy. Hay Santa I have a queston for you. What food do your reindeer eat? Santa what food do you eat? Do you have elves at the Northpool? Do you ear ice cream Santa? Santa I want you to put my presents unther my tree. I want a Ben 10 golf cart. I want a is air soft gun. Love, Jonathan

Dear Santa, I would like to spend Christmas with you. Would you like that? I hope you would because I have a lot of questins for you. So Merry Cristmas. and I want lego star wars, a rifle, and a 4 wheeler. Love, Brooks

Dear Santa, All I want for Christmas is…An Ipad, A bike, A bouncey house, A sleigh, A manicure set, roller skates, And lot of hairbows and ponytail holders. And A Justine Bieber T-shirt. And the last thing I will ever need is the best Christmas ever! Love, Kate

Dear Santa, How do you make toys? Do you have rel reideer? Do you have a rel elves? Here is my wish list: Xbox 360 with games Wii with games/two helcapter that can fly, a slad/remote controller for a Xbox 360 a remote controller for xbox, atv for kids, dirtdike/puching bag, puppy/Mario vs Donkey kong an a ds. Love, Jacob