Church Launches New Worship Service, Reaches out to Community

Published 1:35 pm Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Rev. John Mullaney baptizes tiny Will Clark. (Contributed/John Mullvaney)

On the first Sunday of the New Year, Morningstar United Methodist Church (UMC) began a new worship service called The Harvest.

“It is a re-launching of our former contemporary worship service,” said Pastor John Mullaney. “(It will) feature a more authentic and honest approach to worship.”

During December, the church dropped contemporary services and had one combined service, with a potluck breakfast beforehand. “This allowed us to really embrace our Advent sermon series which was entitled Together We Wait,” he said. “It was wonderful to gather as one church in the Advent Season.”

A Christmas Eve candlelight service also brought the congregation together for a celebration of Christ’s birth.

Morningstar UMC was launched in 1995 and organized May 26 (Pentecost Sunday), 1996. For awhile they met in the Chelsea High School auditorium.

The first service in the congregation’s own building was held on Christmas Eve 2002.

The first offering received in the new building was to help build a church for a new United Methodist congregation in Mozambique.

The church offers programs for all ages to help them fulfill the church’s mission to “Gather, Grow, and Go in Christ’s Name!”

Throughout 2011they will be taking a journey through the whole Bible, Pastor Mullaney said. “We hope to delve deeply into God’s Word and help those that have never read the Bible to gain a greater understanding of the story of God’s great love for us…. I firmly believe that God desires a relationship with each and every one of us and He longs for us to be in relationship with one another.

This is a “lifelong process of discipleship that will bring us into closer relationship with the God who loves and seeks us,” he said

According to Pastor Mullaney, Morningstar participates in many outreach programs. They recently collected over 150 bags of groceries for the needy.

They also have a Mother’s Day Out Program which serves the church and the community.

“Morningstar is the friendliest, warmest congregation I have ever been blessed to serve,” the pastor said. “I hope we continue to reach out to our community and grow as a congregation.”

Rev. Mullaney’s wife Denise is Associate Pastor at Alabaster First UMC. They and their four-year-old daughter have been in Chelsea for 2½ years and love being part of the community, he said.

Pastor Mullaney and Morningstar UMC can be reached at 678-2572.

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