Disco-Knights top Blazers in youth basketball league


Complete results from the fourth week of Shelby County Youth Basketball League action.


The Disco-Knights boogied to a 40-32 victory over the Blazers. The Disco-Knights were led by Justin Humphries with 11 points, Dawson Humphries and Chase Jones added 10 points each, and Will Morris grabbed 8 rebounds. The Blazers were led by Christopher Smith with 8 points and Nathan Bates with 9 rebounds.

The Hawks defeated the Warriors 23 to 17. The Hawks were led by Riley Lewter with 10 points, Dalton Brooks had 4 rebounds, and Kaden Cardwell was a force on both ends of the court. The Warriors top scorer was Tucker Lansford with 6 points, Chase Franklin had 9 rebounds and 10 steals, and Noah Harper was a defensive stopper.


The Hornets stung late to beat Argo’s Team 13 to 12. The Hornets were led by Jordan Knox, Matthew Pearson, and Christopher Sims. Landon Lawrence made the game winning basket with 15 seconds left in the game.

The Couch Potatos blasted the Rockets 18 to 12. The Couch Potatos were led by Alyssa Seale with 14 points, Jayln Jones had 7 rebounds, and Andrew Noe picked up 2 steals. The Rockets were led by Joel Pennington with 12 points.


The Crushers won 25 to 16. The Crushers were led by Jo Jo Joiner with 14 points, Brett McKinney led in rebounds, Colby Blythe was the top defender, and Craig Sims showed great effort.

The Blazers torched the Swish 21 to 10. The Blazers were led by Colin Baker with 9 points and 11 rebounds, Wesley Hyde was a beast on defense, with Cody Farmer and Logan Moore providing great hustle and effort.

The Terminators beat the Argonauts 14 to 6. The Argonauts were led by Mitchell Kines, Jacob Walton, and Deonta Cotton with 2 points each.


The Dynamite defeated the Killers. The Killers were led by Magan Garst with 8 points, Sarah Head and Sam Slaughter added 6 points each, with Keelie Yowe getting 10 rebounds and 8 steals.

Frostie’s Shakes thwarted the Surge 20 to 5. The Shakes were led by Emily Robinson with 10 points and 21 rebounds, Meredith Johnson added 5 points, and Angel Mallory picked up 5 steals. The Surge leaders were Allie Coyte with 5 points, Cydnee Goodwin had 7 rebounds and 7 steals, with Jordan Price playing good defense.