Hawks swoop down on Heat in youth basketball action

Published 2:31 pm Monday, January 17, 2011



The Hawks swooped the Heat for a 19 to 16 victory. The Hawks were led by David Vick, Dylan Wilson, and Kaden Cardwell . The Heat’s leaders were Tanner Falkner with 7 points, Jessup Lodge with 5 points and 7 rebounds, and Braden Paschell played hard on both ends of the court.

The Disco-Knights slam-danced the Warriors 39 to 4. The Warriors were led by Chase Franklin with 6 rebounds and 3 blocks, Peyton Lawrence had 2 steals, and Tre Aderholt scored 2 points.

The Blazers faced the Lightning Bolts. A final score was not submitted. The Blazers top scorers were, Nathan Bates 10 points, Ethan Evans 6 points, and Tanner Colvin with 5 points. Jacob Howard was the defensive leader with 11 rebounds and 5 steals.


The Rockets blasted their way to victory with a buzzer beater. The final score was 15 to 14. The Rockets were led by Joel Pennington with 8 points, Mike Vickery added 3 points, Ben Marling had 6 rebounds, and Harrison Blinkard picked up a steal.

The Couch Potato’s won 14 to 9. They were led by Alyssa Seale with 5 points, Andrew Noe and Quinton Hill added 3 points each, Jayln Jones got 3 rebounds, Alexa Couch got 3 steals, and Braylyn McGlaughlin played hard on defense.


The Bombers lost a defensive struggle 20 to 18. Dalton Purcell had 3 steals, Brannon Jones and Mikey Holliman combined for 12 rebounds, Adison Couch, Adam Landefeld, and Cameron Morris combined for 9 points, with Dylan Holliman and Kolby Morris playing good defense.

The Battlecats clawed their way to a 38 to 27 victory. They were led by Sam Suarez with 10 points and 24 reb