Argonauts down Fleece in youth basketball league

Published 7:32 pm Sunday, January 30, 2011



The Argonauts found the Golden Fleece and won 25 to 13. They were led by Mitchell Kines with 11 points, Jacob Walton added 6 points, Camden Roulier pulled down 11 rebounds, Deonta Cotton had 4 steals, Austin Wilder played good defense, Chase Glover chipped in 4 points, and E.J. Johnson had 7 rebounds.

The Crushers pulverized the Swish, 38 to 13. The Crushers were led by Brett McKinney with 26 points, JoJo Joiner added 8 points, Cole Jefferies and Colby Blythe added 2 points each, the defensive star was Sara Ruth Lipscomb, and Craig Sims hustled on both ends of the court.

The Terminators won 29 to 24. They were led by Chadwyn Russ with 12 points, Chip Nash had 7 points and 7 rebounds, Mitch Nash had 6 points, and Zac Noland added 4 points.


Frostie’s Shakes held on to defeat the Surge 16 to 9.  The Shakes were led by Sarah Goodwin with 6 points, Emily Robinson had 20 rebounds, Kendra Shaw played good defense, and Meredith Johnson had 4 assists. The Surge was led by Caitlyn Buie with 4 points, Cydnee Goodwin had 7 rebounds, Jordan price played good defensively, and Sarah Kober showed tremendous effort.


The Rockets blasted to victory 16 to 8. They were led by Joel Pennington with 8 points, Ben Marling added 6 points, Harrison Blinkard had 2 rebounds, and Logan Carson had a steal.

The Couch Potatos won 15 to 8. Alexa Couch guided the offense from the point and grabbed 4 rebounds, Quinton Hill and Jaylen Jones scored 4 points each, Braylen McGlaughlin hit 1 free throw, and Andrew Noe drained 2 key free throws to ice the game.


The Warriors fought their way to a 22 to 19 victory. Chase Franklin scored 5 points and had 5 blocks, Tucker Lansford had 5 points and 9 rebounds, with Noah Harper adding 4 points and 2 steals.


The Pink Survivors were defeated 13 to 9. They were led by Katelyn Lucas with 5 points, Gracie Driskell had 6 rebounds, Anna Martin played great defense, and Bethany McKinney showed outstanding effort.

The Dynamites exploded to a 29 to 8 win. They were led by Charley Clark with 16 points, Sarah Goodwin had 8 rebounds, Olivia Marling played good pressure defense, and Bethany Dawkins showed super effort.