The Doghouse offers top-quality boarding

Published 4:46 pm Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Rebecca Macks opened the Montevallo Doghouse in 2008 as an alternative to traditional animal kennels. (Reporter photo/Christine Boatwright)


MONTEVALLO – Rebecca Macks planned to open an extended-stay boarding facility for dogs for many years, and in 2008, her husband took hammer to nail and began to construct her dream.

“Twenty years ago, I needed to leave town for three months. I had four big dogs, and the only boarding places I could find had kennels and crates,” Macks said.

Knowing that her dogs “would go crazy” after being locked in crates for three months, Macks began to consider other options for dog owners and their beloved canines.

Macks and her husband began the Montevallo Doghouse, and eight-room, cage-free boarding facility with private courtyards and afternoon activities. They built the facility on the front of their property

“We made it small because Montevallo is small,” she said. “But it fills up fast in the summer, especially on weekends. People need to make reservations at least a month ahead during the summer.”

Guests of the Doghouse rest comfortably in rooms complete with private courtyards. (Reporter Photo/Christine Boatwright)

Guests of the Doghouse stay in rooms with a bed, blankets and access to a private, outdoor courtyard. If more than one dog comes from the same owner, then the dogs can stay in the same room, otherwise the animals stay in separate rooms.

As her business continues to expand, Macks and her husband have decided to extend their clientele to include cats.

“We don’t have a lot of demand for cats, but we’re doing it for convenience. Most people who have dogs have cats,” Macks said. “We’re building a new building for the cats because we don’t want the dogs to stress the cats out.”

Macks worked full time until October 2010, when she decided to quit her job in order to focus on her burgeoning business.

Dog owners come from not only Shelby County, but as far away as Tuscaloosa, Montgomery and Huntsville to board their dogs at the Doghouse, Macks said.

“The people come from so far away because it’s so much cheaper to keep your dogs here,” she said. “One lady has a Great Dane, and most kennels would charge extra for large dogs.”

The Montevallo Doghouse is different. To accommodate large dogs, Macks mentions another construction project in the works. She anticipates building large, individual doghouses, complete with private courtyards, to make the larger dogs more comfortable.

For more information or to make a reservation, visit or call 665-5005.