Blazers burn Disco-Swish in youth basketball action

Published 9:32 am Monday, February 7, 2011



The Blazers burned the Disco-Swish, 28 to 24. According to all reports, this was the game of the year in Division 2. The Blazers were led by Nathan Bates with 14 points, J. Howard added 3, and Tanner Roland chipped in 2 points. Ethan Stevens had 8 rebounds and 7 steals.

The Hawks beat the Braves, 21 to 11. The Hawks were led by Riley Lewter with 9 points, Eli Jones and Dalton Brooks had 9 rebounds each, with Kaden Cardwell hustling on both ends of the court.


The Hornets stung the Couch Potatos, 20 to 14. The Hornets were led by Jon Michael Gay with 10 points, Landon Lawrence added 8 points, and Matthew Pearson had 5 rebounds. The Couch Potatos were led by Alexa Couch and Alyssa Seale with 5 points each, with Quinton Hill getting 8 rebounds.

The Rockets were led by Harrison Blinkard with 8 points, Ethan Pierce had 4 rebounds, Joel Pennington got 2 steals, and Logan Carson got his first points of the season.


The Dynamites exploded to defeat the Pink Survivors, 31 to 11. The Dynamites leaders were Sarah Goodwin with 19 points and 9 rebounds, Angel Mallory was a defensive stopper, Bethany Dawkins hustled, and Taylor Wakefield showed good effort. The Pink Survivors were led by Katelyn Lucas with 5 points, Anna Martin had 6 rebounds, Madison Purcell played good defense, and Kiley Pierson showed good effort.


The Surge lost 16 to 10. They were led by Nadia Cockrell with 4 points, Cydnee Goodwin had 8 rebounds and 7 steals, Sarah Kober played good defensively, Jordan Price hustled, and Caitlyn Buie played good on both ends of the court.

Frostie’s Shakes win 18 to 14. The Shakes were led by Meredith Johnson with 11 points, Emily Robinson had 11 rebounds, Kendra Shaw played good defensively, Emily Johnson contributed valuable minutes, with Alexis and Angel Mallory combining for 8 steals.


The Terminators won 23 to 5. Chadwyn led with 10 points, Chip and Mitch scored 5 each, with Zac adding 3 points.

The Argonauts lost 27 to 18. They were led by Ethan Johnson with 12 points, Jacob Walton had 6 rebounds, Deonta Cotton got 3 steals, Austin Wilder played good defense, Camden Roulier had 2 blocks, Mitchell Kines scored 2 points, and Chase Glover hustled.