Do you believe in fairytales?

Published 4:24 pm Monday, February 7, 2011

After years of planning, the Binkerds have their fairy-tale castle to call home. (Contributed)

By KENNEDY TOLBERT / Community Columnist

Once upon a time, not so very long ago, in a land called Shelby County, Misty and Victor Binkerd met for the first time at a dance.

After dancing the night away together, they won the “Twist” competition, tickets to see Chubby Checker, and dinner for two.

That night Victor wrote Misty’s number on the back of a matchbook, which they still have to this day.

The two have been inseparable going on 20 years together.

Now when they celebrate their anniversary, they celebrate the magic of the first night they met.

“It seems to remind us more of what the day meant to both of us,” Misty said.

Victor also made a promise to Misty when they got married, a promise to give her the home of her dreams, a home she had dreamed of since she was a little girl. She is his princess, and he knew she deserved a castle.

“Victor and I have always loved the romance of the castle era, but I never thought I would actually live in one,” Misty said.

Misty and Victor believe in a good sense of humor in life, which Victor exhibited the day they bought the cedar shack and began drawing onto the walls with a sharpie the fireplace, pictures of their un-born children, and even a Dr Pepper for if they got thirsty!

When Misty told him she needed to start cleaning, he drew her a broom.

That once small home with a tin roof, cinder block steps and trees growing in through broken glass windows would one day stand as the foundation of their 14th century-themed castle fit for a king that they would spend their happily-ever-after years in raising their children.

When they began building, the couple did not focus on what was popular at the time or even what others may think is practical, but that’s what makes this home so special, and both agree it is perfect for them.

“Many of the ideas were prefaced with ‘Wouldn’t it be cool to have a (insert crazy idea here.)’ The plans for our house were drawn out daily, sometimes with changes sketched on a paper bag, or drawn on the unfinished sheet rock, so the chances of repeating it are slim. Our ideas came from how we wanted to live,” Misty said.

Along with the moat, draw bridge, game room, secret passage bookcase, Coke rack (rather than wine rack) and basement also known as “The dungeon,” which seats 18 in its theater that has hosted many film parties, the couple’s bedroom, or “Garden of Eden,” is one of the most interesting rooms.

The bedspread, which looks like moss, sits embedded in a mound of giant boulders surrounded by three massive trees which have their names carved into a heart.

“I have stubbed my toe more than once on those rocks!” she teases. On the ceiling are fiber optic stars they look up at as they go to sleep.

From family gatherings for Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas traditions, crawfish boils and more, Misty said, “Others have felt the ‘happily ever after’ vibe and I have enjoyed hosting several weddings here. In fact, I have started doing it professionally.

“We have been so blessed, with each other and our home. This home was meant to be shared, and I can’t think of a more fairytale place to have a wedding.”

As the couple can now look across their moat and see their granddaughter playing in her front yard, they agree, “This is a house inspired by family and truly a house that love built.”

Kennedy Tolbert, the community columnist for Wilsonville, can be reached at