Glad to see Bob Riley moving on

Published 11:35 am Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Dear Editor,

I am so thankful that Gomer (also known as Bob Riley) has left the state capitol. In my opinion, his terms as governor have yielded very little for the citizens of Alabama other than higher taxes and lost jobs.

I feel qualified to complain about Gomer and laud his departure because I actually voted for him! And not long after that, I lost a great job with the state due to budget cuts.

Thanks, Gomer. The day Gomer went to Ashland building cabinets was a great day for celebration in the State of Alabama!

I do have hope for our future with a Shelby County native taking Gomer’s place. I think Bentley will do great things for our State.

Gomer’s heavy-handed approach to law enforcement and tax give-aways for businesses was really embarrassing to me. I hope Governor Bentley will do better and have better ideas that help and assist all the citizens of Alabama, not just a select few.

So goodbye, Gomer, and good riddance.

Rex de Foor