Chelsea offers new garbage service

Published 11:45 am Friday, February 18, 2011


CHELSEA – Chelsea citizens have a new curbside garbage and recycling service.

During Chelsea’s city council meeting Feb. 15, the council announced Advanced Disposal Services won the bid as the exclusive residential garbage collectors for the city of Chelsea.

“We decided to see what we could get if we offered a franchise to a collection company,” Councilmember Juanita Champion said. “We put out bids, and the lowest bidder was Advanced Disposal.”

The company offers citizens one 95-gallon garbage can and one 65-gallon recycling can for $27.80 per 3-month quarter, which equals $9.27 per month, Champion said. If citizens would like to double the cans, the cost rises to $37.56 per quarter.

“This service is going to start June 1,” Champion said. “Curbside recycling will be bimonthly, and garbage collection is weekly.”

“This is the first time everybody can have curbside recycling and choose whether they can recycle or not. It’s not going to cost anymore to recycle,” Champion said. “We have a high interest in our community for recycling.”