Stained glass window donated to WES

Published 2:30 pm Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Davey Cox, with her son, and Rosemary Liveoak hold up the new stained glass window WES will be enjoying. (Special/Kennedy Tolbert)

By KENNEDY TOLBERT / Community Columnist

“I Believe in Angels” is Davey Cox’s stained glass window business logo. Her business is growing quickly as bigger doors of opportunity seem to open for her each day.

With every amazing work of art Davey does, she gives the glory all to God saying, “It’s a God thing. I just put the paint on there and he makes it all fall into place.”

Recently she created a special stained glass window, which was an original design, to donate to Wilsonville Elementary School.

The fourth-graders did a wonderful performance on the Friday she donated it and told about the history of Wilsonville.

Mayor and Principal Rosemary Liveoak also gave a speech and was misty eyed before it was over.

Afterwards, Davey Cox presented her stained glass window to Wilsonville Elementary School. Everyone agreed it looks beautiful when the sun shines through it.

The plans are to hang it somewhere it can be enjoyed by all and the sun can reflect through it. One area mentioned was in the cafeteria where students have the chance to see it twice a day at breakfast and lunch, and all the staff can enjoy it during their regular meetings when they all congregate in the school cafeteria.

“I want everyone including the students to enjoy it,” Davey said, beaming with pride at her work.

The window has “W.E.S. ROCKS” painted on it in the school colors and is in a font that looks like three-dimensional blocks.

“I thought about using crackle paint on the letters, but am glad I decided not to because now the letters look like stone,” Davey said.

Her husband, Paul Cox, had suggested this to her and is so proud and supportive of all her work. He is also always willing to give her suggestions for inspirations on new ideas as well.

The window also has the school’s mascot, a wildcat, painted on it with some of the finest of details.

The eyes are piercing, its coat is a beautifully painted design that really looks like fur, and its mouth was painted with such fine detail you can almost feel its breath on you by looking at its fierce snarl.

“I Believe in Angels” is printed tiny in the corner and you can also find Davey’s signature. This shows the school spirit at WES and all the students agree that it sure feels good to be a wildcat!

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