Toluca Pottery gets chilly

Published 4:56 pm Monday, March 21, 2011


Anyone traveling through Chelsea on Shelby County 47 will notice a bright pink building under construction close to Toluca Pottery and Things.

“The whole thing’s going to be repainted. It’s not going to be pink,” said Toluca Pottery co-owner Charles Rich. “It’ll be multicolored, something that will really standout.”

The building in question will be a “snow shack,” offering the citizens of Chelsea refreshing shaved ice treats, lemonade, sodas and snacks throughout the year.

In addition to serving the community during the hot summer months, Rich hopes to keep the business open during the fall and winter to serve coffee and other hot drinks and food items.

“We wanted to do something no one had in Chelsea,” Rich said. “There’s not one here in Chelsea. We thought it’d be a good location for one. Anything to add to the flavor we have here, add to the traffic and keep people coming.”

Rich is hopeful the snow shack will be open in the next two weeks, but he said he’s waiting for inspections to be complete.

“We’ve had really good response from customers,” Rich said. “Everyone seems really excited that we’ll have something like this here.”