County’s legislators cut their own pay

Published 9:23 am Friday, April 15, 2011


Shelby County’s state representatives and senators are asking for a 15 percent cut in their pay.

That’s the amount the state’s budget is being cut, and State Sen. Cam Ward said Shelby County’s state-level elected officials want to share in the pain of those cuts.

“I personally believe the legislative pay issue should be addressed by a vote of both chambers,” Ward said. “If that is not going to happen, then I think we should step up and lead by example. Our pay should be cut to match the proration that occurs in the General Fund Budget. Every year the state declares proration we should match that cut with a cut in our own pay.”

In a joint statement issued this morning, the delegation said, “As the state of Alabama deals with a financial crisis like we have never seen and as we make difficult choices that will affect every Alabama family, we, as elected officials, are not above the citizens. It is important to share the burden equally. That is why we are voluntarily taking a 15 percent across the board pay cut.”

Shelby County’s legislators include Ward, State Sen. Jabo Waggoner, State Rep. Greg Canfield, State Rep. Mike Hill, State Rep. Mary Sue McClurken, State Rep. Kurt Wallace and State Rep. April Weaver.