Councilwoman represents town

Published 4:24 pm Monday, May 23, 2011

Councilwoman Shirley Middleton chats with members of the South Shelby Chamber of Commerce at a luncheon May 5. (Special/Linda Malone)

By LINDA MALONE / Community Columnist

Shirley Middleton, city councilwoman, is another one of the pillars of the city of Harpersville.

My first time meeting Councilwoman Middleton was Thurs., May 5, 2011, at a South Shelby Chamber of Commerce luncheon where Harpersville was being featured.

Councilwoman Middleton was the representative for the city and gave a most gracious welcome from the city of Harpersville to the luncheon body.

Councilwoman Middleton has lived in Harpersville all of her life, and she has seen many changes in this city. She has been on the City Council since 1988, over two decades. This in and of itself tells us a lot about the character of this lady. During her service on the council, she has seen and been a part of the growth of Harpersville. She has witnessed the council change its way of conducting business for the city; all dirt roads paved, various businesses locating in the city, larger water line installed for better city coverage.

She even remembers when Harpersville had only one police officer. Now, we have eight or nine. Harpersville has a great fire department, and EMTs have been added to city services.

She envisions many more great things for the city of Harpersville in the future.

Councilwoman Middleton is a member of the Mt. Oliver Missionary Baptist Church in Harpersville.

She holds the office of financial secretary of her church. She also sits on the street and financial committees of the city of Harpersville.

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