Generosity restores faith

Published 12:36 pm Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Dear Editor,

Recently, I had found myself becoming increasingly disappointed, disgusted and embarrassed of my fellow human beings. However, my experiences this past weekend, have restored my faith in the existence of charity, generosity and kindness. I work with the Shelby Starlets, a local baton twirling organization, who on Saturday April, 30, held a donation drive benefiting the victims of the recent disastrous tornadoes. Throughout the course of that day, I was brought to tears, numerous times, overwhelmed by the unbelievable generosity of my community.

This event was planned, organized, and executed in only two days, leaving no time for publicity or advertising. We hoped for the best, but considering the economy and short notice, we were not expecting a momentous response. We were so wrong! Our first donation was for $160, and within 45 minutes, had $300.

We handed out lists of needed items to customers entering the store, and were shocked when people delivered entire carts overflowing with items purchased to donate. One gentleman meekly removed his bag of two or three small items from the top of an overfilled cart and told us that it was for us. He quickly departed, seeming to want no thanks. We stood, shocked, with tears filling our eyes. That was only one example of an entire day filled with similar stories. We collected $2,638 in cash donations, and an estimated 10,000 items. People returned with items from their homes as well. Refusals were nearly non-existent.

I am so proud to be a part of this community. The Shelby Starlets wish to thank the Alabaster Walmart for the use of their store front, and want to extent our heartfelt gratitude to the community of Alabaster and surrounding areas for being so kind, generous, caring. I personally thank my community, Alabaster, for restoring my faith in human kindness and the true meaning of neighbor and community.

Chiffon Bogue