Faith Consignment a dream come true

Published 10:06 am Friday, May 27, 2011

By SANDRA THAMES / Community Columnist

In Lancaster, Texas Jill Leath played six years of volleyball and ran track for eight years. Later, she attended school for business management and also got an interior decorating license.

She had been born in Birmingham and moved to Texas because of her father’s job. After high school she came back to the Alabaster area and has enjoyed watching the growth of our area.

Married to David Leath, Jill is mother of two sons, two step-daughters and has two grandchildren. She is a “fixer” — she can put in tile, build a wall or stone patio. She loves clearing her mind and spending time to herself this way.

For years, Leath worked in marketing and retail management — an office environment. It seemed she always got stuck in the same position.

“I knew I had more in me and I wanted to do more. I was not a follower, but a leader and getting older everyday. It was a sad place to be.”

Jill Leath recently expanded her Faith Consignment business into a much larger location in Alabaster. (Special/Sandra Thames)

Being down on herself, she had tried to show bosses her capabilities. She met her deadlines, created forms and databases, but it always seemed of no importance to upper management. After talking the whole problem and her dream over with her husband, he agreed and let her take it in her hands and make all the decisions. Deciding to venture out into her own business was an idea on which Leath spent lots of prayer time.

“Can I really do this?” At home one night, she asked God for his help. “I put all my faith in God, family and friends — why not “Faith Consignment” she thought.

The first location of Faith Consignment was much smaller, but God has been good and faithful. Leath’s business savvy has now moved them to the former DG’s Gift location with more than seven rooms of space. Wanda Cunningham, Leath’s mom and best buddy works every day with her daughter. By moving, the furniture and home décor business has expanded greatly. Two stories of space are tastefully decorated with the lower floor being women’s and juniors’ clothing, handbags, jewelry, shoes and some collectables, art and furniture. The upstairs rooms are filled with home décor and furniture. Blessed with fantastic vendors, Leath can offer a large variety of items to customers. Tables from the ‘40s (enamel top) to ‘70s to formal and rustic. There are art pieces, occasional items, bedroom and living room suites, wicker, outdoor furniture and whimsical items.

Leath said, “I have been so blessed. We have gained great friends and customers and our consigners are the greatest.”

Leath and Cunningham are “people persons.” They don’t judge, they love, give you a hug or kind word if you need it and try to help you find exactly what you want.

Leath’s dream vehicle, you’ll never guess, is a Monster Truck. She’s accomplished one dream — why not two?

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