MES PTO in new hands

Published 9:08 pm Tuesday, May 31, 2011

(adults, L-R) Assistant Principal Haley Franks, Principal Annie McClain, second-grade teacher Amber Broadhead, PTO President Alton Doyle and PTO Secretary Becky Willis stand with one of MES's second-grade classes. (Reporter photo/Christine Boatwright)


MONTEVALLO – Alton Doyle is the dad of a Montevallo Elementary School second-grader, and as MES’s Parent-Teacher Organization president-to-be, he’s looking forward to getting more involved.

“We mainly work with parents and teachers for students,” Doyle said of the PTO. “We buy copy supplies and pay for some of the maintenance around the school, whatever the students and teachers need.”

Doyle said the elementary school’s PTO needs to be more active in the school, and he’s hoping to get parents and teachers involved.

“The PTO wasn’t very active last year, and I’m technically the president-to-be,” he said. “It was a need, and I feel I bring something to the position. I believe in MES, and they need someone who can do this fulltime.”

Becky Willis will serve as the PTO secretary.

“I got involved because of my grandson,” she said. “I like to be active in everything he does.”

The school has parents who want to serve but have never been asked, Doyle said.

“People want to make a difference and serve, but they’ve got to be asked to serve,” he said. “I definitely want all parents to be involved. Teachers sometimes feel unappreciated by the PTO, and I hate that. It needs to change.

“It’s about someone taking the time to ask people to serve,” he added.