CMS student crowned Little Miss Shelby County


Little Miss Shelby County Sabrina White said she was not really into pageants, but when her friends wanted to become pageant queens, she decided to give it a try.

Last year, 12-year-old Sabrina won the third alternate award in the Little Miss Shelby County Pageant, but this year, she took the crown.

When Sabrina, a seventh grader at Chelsea Middle School, decided to try for the crown the second time, Sabrina and her mother, Misty White, decided to hire Calera-native Katherine Powell, director of Bella Pageant Productions, to help Sabrina with her walk.


On June 24-25, Sabrina will compete for the title of Little Miss Alabama in Huntsville. She’ll be modeling sportswear, which she gets to design into a theme all her own.

“They get a t-shirt, and they have to change their shirts in some way,” Misty said. “They come up with a theme’ they get to have fun and don’t have to be serious.”

Sabrina said she chose “a little nautical theme” with a sea captain’s hat and “sequins everywhere.”

In the Little Miss Shelby County Pageant, Sabrina was asked questions about her home life, family and the qualities she believes a queen should possess, namely inner beauty.

In addition to her pageantry days, Sabrina serves Birmingham’s homeless with her church, Mountain View Baptist, once a month. She’s also involved in “pretty much every sport,” and other extracurricular activities.

“I’m like a geek at school; I love math, and I’m on the math team,” Sabrina said. “I broke every stereotypical barrier.”

Misty said the pageants teach her daughter so much more than how to be a beauty queen.

“The pageant teaches self-esteem, poise and how you lose more than you win. There are so many beautiful girls; you have to learn how to lose,” Misty said. “This was Sabrina’s 10th pageant, and it’s the first time she won queen. It’s not just about beauty.”