Peach Belt Conference Presidential Honor Roll loaded with Falcons

Published 11:13 am Tuesday, July 5, 2011


The University of Montevallo athletic department had 82 student-athletes named to the 2010-2011 Peach Belt Conference Presidential Honor Roll.

The 82 student-athletes on the honor roll is an improvement of 17 over the 65 who were named last year to the Honor Roll from Montevallo.

The Presidential Honor Roll recognizes all 1,058 student-athletes at the 13 Peach Belt Conference member institutions who had a grade-point average of 3.0 or higher for the academic year. Men’s soccer once again led all Montevallo teams with 18 members being named to the list. Women’s soccer finished second with 14, while volleyball came in third with 13.

The honor roll is divided into four groups: Presidential Scholars, Bronze Scholars, Silver Scholars and Gold Scholars. All student-athletes with a GPA from 3.0 to 3.24 are Presidential Scholars, while Bronze Scholars are 3.25 to 3.49; Silver 3.50 to 3.74 and Gold Scholars are those with a 3.75 to 4.00.

The 1,058 student-athletes honored gives the league more than 1,000 honorees for the second consecutive season.  Last year, the league honored over 1,000 student-athletes for the first time in its history. Each student-athlete will receive a certificate from the conference office.

Gold Scholars from Montevallo include In-Mi Matsunaga (women’s cross country), Gonzalo Gambertoglio (men’s golf), Mariano Lepori (men’s golf), Tracey Marshall (women’s golf), David Esser (men’s soccer), Milan Pualic (men’s soccer), James Steer (men’s soccer), Taylor Kerr (women’s soccer), Emilie Morrow (women’s soccer), Paige Scott (women’s soccer), Alex Terhar (women’s soccer), Kaitlin Thomas (women’s soccer), Kodi Bobo (women’s tennis), Yulia Shvetsova (women’s tennis), Michelle Carle (women’s volleyball), Virginia Clay (women’s volleyball), Anna Garrison (women’s volleyball) and Betsy Stevenson (women’s volleyball).

Silver Scholars from Montevallo include Josh Headley (baseball), Taylor Welch (women’s basketball), Katherine Schofield (women’s cross country), Ruwaldt Viljoen (men’s golf), Emily Gibson (women’s golf), Alex Ghoja (men’s soccer), Brandon Land (men’s soccer), Andrew Nichols (men’s soccer), Daniel Pelletier (men’s soccer), Erin Jollay (women’s soccer), Michaela Moertzsch (women’s soccer), Asgerdur Palsdottir (women’s soccer), Calli Robinson (women’s tennis), Helene Nordgreen (women’s tennis), Kady Curl (women’s volleyball), Rebecca Dowd (women’s volleyball) and Jessica Guidry (women’s volleyball).

Bronze Scholars from Montevallo include Austin Dubberly (baseball), Alex Guilford (baseball), Pablo Martell (baseball), Vinny Rodriquez (baseball), Blaine Rosenberg (baseball), Jervan Jackson (men’s basketball), Christina Shelton (women’s basketball), Evan Brock (men’s cross country), Ginny Davis (women’s cross country), Haley Evans (women’s cross country), Aaron Ebert (men’s golf), Kaylee Hale (women’s golf), Stephen Beatty (men’s soccer), Vance Curro (men’s soccer), Phil Jackson (men’s soccer), Ryuhei Nose (men’s soccer), Michael Riggle (men’s soccer), Nick Saboe (men’s soccer), Jackson Tolleson (men’s soccer), Callie Richie (women’s soccer), Kristin Rosato (women’s soccer), Danielle Zak (women’s soccer), Amy McGucken (women’s tennis), Tarnesha Stephens (women’s volleyball), Brittany Wilson (women’s volleyball) and Kara Zawisza (women’s volleyball).

Presidential Scholars from Montevallo include Kyle Butler (baseball), Duston Daugherty (baseball), Devon Davis (baseball), Will Dismukes (baseball), Wes Rich (baseball), Kirk Waligora (baseball), Alex Strickland (women’s basketball), Justin Arsement (men’s cross country), Emma Breen (women’s golf), Heather Mutton (women’s golf), Hilary Shaner (women’s golf), Nathan Archard (men’s soccer), Zachary Campbell (men’s soccer), Tyson Eyo (men’s soccer), Brendan Ledgeway (men’s soccer), Denise Mannion (women’s soccer), Nicola Stolworthy (women’s soccer), Veronica Stookey (women’s soccer), Manyi Ati (women’s volleyball), Kaleigh Harvey (women’s volleyball) and Rachel Wotitzky (women’s volleyball).