Free spay or neutering for Vincent pets

Published 2:49 pm Wednesday, July 13, 2011


VINCENT – Due to an offer from the Shelby Humane Society, Vincent residents can have their pets spayed or neutered for free.

Shelby Humane Society’s executive director, Jenny Miller, said she’s attempting to meet with all of Shelby County’s mayors to offer the service to the county’s citizens.

“I’ve been meeting with different mayors. We want to provide the vouchers to the mayors, so they can provide them to residents for free spay and neuter. I’ve given 10 vouchers to the mayors I’ve met with,” Miller said. “Columbiana received a second set earlier this month. Our goal is that some people who aren’t responsive to the Humane Society can contact their mayors, and the mayors can work with their residents.”

Pet owners must provide a proof of rabies vaccination to qualify for the free spaying or neutering. If the proof of vaccination is not available, a $10 rabies fee will apply.

“It’s good for the citizens to have their dogs fixed,” Town Clerk Joy Marler said. “We have a lot of stray dogs. It’s a wonderful opportunity for our citizens.”

For anyone with a voucher, the Humane Society will provide transportation for the surgery to a local clinic, as the society doesn’t perform the surgeries.

“Mayor McAllister is using his vouchers and is advertising them for his residents,” Miller said. “It shows he takes his commitment to the animal-control situation in his jurisdiction very seriously.”

For more information about the vouchers, contact Vincent Town Hall at 672-2261 or visit