Progress of Chinese drywall victims

Published 11:44 am Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Dear Editor,

This letter comes very late in thanking you for the article on Chinese Drywall (“Unheard pleas of Chinese drywall victims”) that was written for the Shelby County Reporter.

Because of Christine Boatwright’s reporting and the Shelby County Reporter, there has been more light shed on this national tragedy. As I write this letter, our air conditioner has gone out for the fourth time because of CDW. The coils have corroded. CDW has eaten through the pipe, and Freon is now escaping. It is another $1,000 replacement.

My microwave has recently gone out, and we also sit and wonder when our house will catch on fire from the invasion of the Chinese Drywall. Our pipe line to our water heater has become pitted. It is now a matter of time before health issues become worse.

Recently, I had x-rays of my neck taken, and the x-ray happened to show part of my left lung. There is a suspicious spot on my lung. I will be going to my pulmonary specialist Monday so I pray that this is not going to be anything, but I do know that the Chinese Drywall has made my asthma so much worse. I may end up dying from Chinese Drywall, but I will not let this issue rest until something is done. Which brings me to the Amendment that Congressman Ted Deutch has presented before House Foreign Affairs. We are so grateful that he, as well as Congressman Rigell from Virginia, is taking the Chinese Drywall issue to another level, one at which Chinese Drywall will be exposed for what it is and what has to be done to secure justice for the American people who have so unjustly suffered from this foreign-generated tragedy.

As I have said, there will be a great story to come out of this. I believe that it will become an issue during election time. I will keep the staff of the Shelby County Reporter posted as to what is happening to us.

Please thank the people at the Shelby County Reporter who, along with you, were not afraid to tackle such an unpopular subject, Chinese Drywall. This is what true investigative news is for. To publish news that will not offend anyone politically is just like a minister getting up and preaching, “We will all go to heaven.” It sounds good, but the truth is not told. We are grateful to the Shelby County Reporter for publishing our story.

Carol and Jim Howard

Dunnavant Valley