Marriages for the week of Aug. 17, 2011

Published 4:02 pm Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The following couples applied for marriage licenses in Shelby County from Aug. 2-8:

-Wesley Steven Jones, 20, of Wilsonville and Jillene Elaine Horton, 20, of Wilsonville.

-Jeffrey Allen Knight, 23, of Alabaster and Valerie Gail Tinkey, 23, of Calera.

-Darryl Anthony Seelhorst, 40, of Birmingham and Sarah Traweek Edmonds, 29, of Hoover.

-Jameel Shakir Gray, 32, of Birmingham and April Renee Maiden, 30, of Birmingham.

-Brian Markeith Franklin, 30, of Montevallo and Heather Marie Simmons, 24, of Montevallo.

-Theodore William Metz, 62, of Montevallo and Robin Melinda Nance, 51, of Montevallo.

-Cardenas Moises Valencia, 36, of Helena and Vivian Rumbaut, 40, of Helena.

-Michael Shawn Beane, 26, of Leeds and Darlene Nicole McMurtrey, 22, of Leeds.

-Christopher James Stanfield, 23, of Alabaster and Natalie Rae Harris, 24, of Alabaster.

-Mark Davidson Oslin, 50, of Columbiana and Camelia J. Trisler, 49, of Columbiana.

-Derrick Scott Hopper, 27, of Calera and Whittley Diane Rasberry, 22, of Jemison.

-Marve Dudley Breeding, 49, of Helena and Bobbie Harris, 50, of Birmingham.

-Raymond Allen Magnoli III, 23, of Birmingham and Hope Elizabeth Cahill, 23, of Birmingham.

-Christopher Cody Hall, 18, of Kellyton and Jessica Rena Hatchett, 17, of Kellyton.

-Eddie Lee Williams, 41, of Helena and Valerie Denise Simon, 34, of Helena.

-Jeffrey Leverne Kirkland, 32, of Columbiana and Tiffany Morgan Koen, 21, of Columbiana.

-Dennis Keith Whisenant, 53, of Birmingham and Jennifer Gail Brown Trammell, 48, of Birmingham.

-Stephen Corey Curtin, 20, of Birmingham and Jessica Brooke Vieten, 19, of Birmingham.

-Fred Mayhew Nichols III, 29, of Columbiana and Echo Desiree Sobol, 21, of Columbiana.

-John Joseph Santamour III, 36, of Birmingham and Marie Andrea Leech, 34, of Birmingham.

-Russell Lee Johnson, 61, of Calera and Margaret Garth Johnson, 61, of Calera.

-Timothy A. Pakarek, 44, of Birmingham and Leigh Ann Lawrence Clanton, 39, of Birmingham.

-Uliss Wallace, 51, of Harpersville and Teresa Elizabeth Yowe, 39, of Harpersville.

-Michael Scott Lewis, 39, of Calera and Noelle Aileen Koval, 41, of Calera.

-Ronald Eugene Tyes Jr., 29, of Jemison and Sherita Jasmin Garcia, 29, of Alabaster.

-Lex Shelby R. Hutchins, 20, of Lynchburg and Jessica Nicole Nutter, 20, of Lynchburg.

-Joseph Dudley Ellis V, 38, of Helena and Jennifer Lynn Overton, 29, of Helena.