Humane Society volunteers deserve thanks

Published 11:08 am Tuesday, August 30, 2011

This past weekend, I had the privilege of attending the Shelby Humane Society’s Volunteer Appreciation Dinner at Timberline Golf Course in Calera.

The evening was a chance for the Humane Society to thank its staff, volunteers and board of directors for all their dedication and hard work to the cause.

The Shelby Humane Society does a lot of great work, but the work that perhaps impresses me the most is the Shelter Partners Program. The amount of time volunteers spend on this program is nothing short of amazing.

Founded in November 2006, the Shelter Partners Program transports animals from Shelby County to states in the northeast for adoption. To do this, volunteers have to spend 19 to 23 hours on the road, driving the animals to their new homes.

The volunteers don’t make any money off this, of course, and most of them actually have to use vacation days from work to make the trips. Their dedication is admirable.

Last year, in 2010, a total of 1,081 dogs were transported for adoption through the Shelter Partners Program. That’s impressive. It can also be expensive.

According to the Shelby Humane Society, each Shelter Partners trip costs SHS between $750 and $850. You can help, though.

For $50, you can sponsor a dog’s trip from Columbiana to New Hampshire.

For your help, the Shelby Humane Society will send you a picture of the dog and any information it has about the dog.

If you are interested in helping a dog have a new, loving life, please contact the Shelby Humane Society at 669-3916, or through email at

Brad Gaskins is a staff writer for the Shelby County Reporter. He can be reached at 669-3131 ext. 14 or by email at