Petelos interviewing to be JeffCo manager

Published 2:03 pm Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Hoover Mayor Tony Petelos announces his interest in the Jefferson County manager position during a press conference Sept. 6. (Reporter photo/Christine Boatwright)


HOOVER — Hoover Mayor Tony Petelos announced Sept. 6 he will interview to be Jefferson County’s first county manager.

If he were to land the position, he would have to leave his post as Hoover mayor. Petelos will interview Sept. 7. The Jefferson County Commission is looking to hire a county manager by Oct. 1, Petelos said.

Petelos said Jefferson County Commission President David Carrington asked if he would be interested in the job.

“The city of Hoover is one of the best-run cities in the U.S., with no major issues facing us. The prospect of leaving Hoover for (Jefferson County) with the potential of the largest bankruptcy in America is a challenge,” Petelos said at a Sept. 6 press conference.

Petelos said he considers Jefferson County his home, and he would like to be part of solving the county’s financial problems.

“I live in Jefferson County and was born here, so I love the area and love the community. Jefferson County needs help, and I think I can give the leadership they need,” he said. “During the past seven years under this administration, the city of Hoover didn’t borrow one dollar. We paid cash for what we did. We had to make tough decisions.”

Petelos said he relishes the potential challenge of being the first county manager for Jefferson County.

“I’m a little bit crazy. I was crazy enough to climb Mt. Everest in April and crazy enough to try for this position. Someone has to be the person to bring everything together, and that’s the county manager,” he said.