Seniors can enrich your life

Published 12:23 pm Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Shelby County is fortunate to have many excellent centers providing services and opportunities for our senior citizens. The centers are as diverse as our population. Some are in historical buildings such as old schoolhouses while others are in newer facilities. No matter where they are located, all of the centers are vibrant places for seniors to gather and have fellowship with their friends and neighbors.

Sadly, too often we take our senior citizens and their contributions to our quality of life for granted. They have been described as the “greatest generation,” a description that I totally agree with.

Our senior citizens “stood in the breach” against tyrants and enemies of our way of life. They risked their lives to preserve freedom. They scratched out a living and took care of their families as best they could during the darkest depression.

They created the environment that has produced many of the most amazing machines and technology the world has ever seen.

In spite of all they have accomplished and all they have done, they remain humble and seek no praise but take joy in seeing their children, grandchildren and, in some cases, great-grandchildren, thrive in this wonderful world.

Seniors love to tell their stories and it is important for the rest of us to listen; there is wisdom in those stories. Look in the eyes of our seniors and you will see compassion born from years of caring for family and friends.

In their eyes you will see determination born from understanding that a line must be drawn and a person must take a stand for principles. And, unfortunately, you will see some sadness in their eyes because the following generations may not be living up to the Greatest Generation’s standards and dreams.

Spend some time with senior citizens; your life will be far richer.

Jim Fuhrmeister is the Shelby County probate judge.