A new logo, a new day at UM

Published 1:50 pm Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Many who live in Shelby County and beyond recognize the University of Montevallo as a jewel in the county’s crown.

As the only four-year university with its main campus in Shelby County, Montevallo has educated thousands of Shelby County denizens, as well as students from all over the state, country and the globe.

On Sept. 21, the University of Montevallo unveiled its new logo to the campus community and to hundreds of supporters.

The logo will become an important part of the University’s identity in future marketing efforts, standing as an outward symbol of the exciting things happening within our gates. We endeavored to create a new brand that would honor Montevallo’s deep traditions and simultaneously attract promising, prospective students to our beautiful campus.

Since its humble beginnings in 1896, Montevallo has grown to become a leading institution of higher learning in the state and region.

Our liberal-arts foundation makes us attractive to thinking, doing, achieving students who are not only serious about their education, but who are also driven to change the world. As Alabama’s only public liberal-arts university, our mission remains unique in higher education in Alabama.

Those who live here know us, but for the rest of the world we are too often a “hidden jewel.” For the sake of our students, alumni, faculty, staff and community — we must be certain this jewel is no longer hidden!

As we become known far and wide as one of the most compelling values in higher education, we will grow into the best possible economic partner with our city and county, drawing ever more promising students and families to this special place.

As we proceed with our new branding and marketing efforts, we will not only generate more interest in our university, but also, by association, the community and the county.

What’s good for the University of Montevallo is good for the city of Montevallo and for Shelby County as a whole. Montevallo is much more than a logo. The magic that takes place in our classrooms is what truly defines us. Now it is time to share that magic with the world, especially the young men and women in our state and region.

Dr. John W. Stewart III is president of the University of Montevallo.