Hazouri, Dunkerley snag individual cross country state titles

Published 7:57 pm Saturday, November 12, 2011

By KALA BOLTON / Staff Writer

Spain Park’s Brandon Hazouri and Adam Dunkerley of the Westminster School at Oak Mountain took home top individual honors at the 2011 Alabama High School Athletic Association Cross Country Championship Nov. 12 at the Oakville Indian Mounds Park.

Dunkerley snagged the 1-2A state title with a time of 16:55.44, seven seconds ahead of the first-runner up. Hazouri took the 6A boys’ state title with 19 seconds to spare, crossing the finish line with a time of 15:45.04.

Spain Park finished third in the boys’ 6A team standings with an average time of 16:47.59 with the help of Hazouri and teammates Steven Crain, finishing eighth at 16:23.58, Rome Fiore, finishing 25th with a time of 16:58.08, Sam Lorino, who snagged the 54th spot with his time of 17:1.8, Austin Marcum, who finished 64th at 17:39.21, and Josh Hughes, finishing 81st with a time of 17:56.24. Ben Lapinski, Alex Barlow and Lee Chumbley also placed for the Jaguars with their respective times of 18:50.90, 19:01.82 and 19:08.21. Thompson’s Jordan Smith placed 58th with a time of 17:33.25, and Will Hamaker of Oak Mountain finished 103rd with a time of 18:11.64.

Eighth-grader Mary Grace Strozier snagged second place in the 6A girls’ finals for Pelham with a time of 18:32.28, 1:13 behind the first-place runner. Pelham’s Claire Vaughn placed 69th with a time of 21:35.83. Spain Park’s Jessica Bilek competed individually, placing 34th with a time of 20:40.80, and teammate Mary Katherine Tedder finished 40th for the Jaguars with a time of 20:52.06. Thompson’s Erika Kulp and Anna Puckett placed 45th and 62nd, respectively, with their times of 20:59.95 and 21:27.70.

Oak Mountain placed sixth in the girls’ 6A race with an average time of 20:53.02 with help from runners Haley Davidson, finishing 13th at 19:48.40, Allie Ingram, finishing 27th at 20:34.71, Emily Beckett, finishing 44th at 20:55.78, Amanda Howard, finishing 65th at 21:28.71, Katelyn Brock, finishing 70th at 21:37.48, Christina Tam, finishing 84th at 21:39.41, Susan Dean, finishing 86th at 21:45.03, Heather Comensky, finishing 93rd at 21:55.46, Elly Gay, finishing 97th at 22:02.24 and Lydia Brock, finishing 119th at 22:39.31.

Westminster School at Oak Mountain placed third in the boys’ 1-2A race with an average time of 8:30.34. Noah Thompson placed 18th, posting a time of 18:27.05 for Westminster, Cole Moffett finished 31st at 18:32.98 and Drew Parker snagged the 49th spot with his time of 19:10.04. Other Westminster runners that placed were: Garrett Smith, 59th with a time of 19:26,18, Ethan Shaw, 70th with a time of 19:36.96, Carter Lemons, 74th with a time of 19:50.32, Malcom Messer, 81st with a  time of 20:02.23, Jacob Welch, 84th with a time of 20:06.71 and Gabe Touliatos, 99th with a time of 20:40.17.

Westminster’s Morgan Reynolds snagged the 12th spot in the 1-2A girls’ race with her time of 20:57.02, and teammate Maddie Hoaglund followed behind in the 18th spot with a time of 21:37.39.

The Indian Springs girls team finished 10th in the 3A girls’ finals with an average tme o 24:27.99. Victoria Saenz led the team, finishing 14th with a time of 20:39.84. Elizabeth Miller followed behind, finishing 76th with a time of 23:45.25. Sarah Noone, finishing 88th at 24:31.25, Candace vanHoffman, 97th at 25:22.65 and Emma Raney, 114th at 28:00.95 closed out the scoring for Springs. Connor McCartey represented Indian Springs in the 3A boys’ race, finishing 101st with his time of 21:18.64.

Briarwood Christian girls snagged the third team spot in the 5A team finals, thanks to Mallory Mathias, who finished fifth with her time of 19:30.26, and Becky Thielman, who finished 10th with her time of 20:26.62. Anne Kelly Patrick, 24th at 21:26.66, Taylor Smith, 25th at 21:26.77, Eva Riddlesperger, 39th at 22:00.63, Emily Sanders, 76th at 23:14.24, Mary Stallings, 86th at 23:25.81 and Katie Mier, 93rd at 23:41.75 rounded out the scoring for the Lions. Chelsea finished 12th in the team standings with an average time of 23:18.26. Danielle Whitehurst finished 42nd at 23:03.30, Cheyenne Thompson finished 45th at 22:06.85, Kelsey Knecht finished 76th at 22:05.86, Ashley Morgan finished 101st at 24:32.66, Dasha Grace finished 103rd at 24:42.60, Nicole Roddy finished 110th at 25:14.23, Ashley Mealins finished 134th at 27:35.10, Sasha George finished 143rd at 28:25.29 and Ann-Kathryn Smith finished 157th at 31:33.03 for the Hornets. Shelby County’s Brookelynn Smith placed 99th with a time of 24:15.91 and Marjorie Head placed 137th with a time of 28:08.63 for the Wildcats.

Briarwood Christian placed 10th in the 5A boys’ team standings with an average time of 18:56.96, and Chelsea placed 12th with an average time of 19:11.07. Runners for Briarwood were: Trey Long, finishing 29th with a time of 18:01.21, Jared Long, 51st at 18:39.54, Griffin Oaks, 58th at 18:49.51, Sam Whorton, 95th at 19:34.78, Thomas Countess, 100th at 19:39.74, Dylan Harrington at 106th at 19:49.18, Patrick Lewis, 108th at19:49.97 and Connor Pelham, 145th at 20:56.26. Chelsea runners were: Alex Burdette, 52nd at 18:43.14, David Simpson, 73rd at 19:09.00, Nick Adams, 77th at 19:13.33, Josh Hutchens, 84th at 19:17.74, Sterling Thompson, 92nd at 19:32.11, Hunter Hutchins, 123rd at 20:22.63, Luke Cespedes, 130th at 20:34.47, John Shelton, 132nd at 20:36.00, Trevor Lawler, 146th at 21:04.66 and Christopher Robinson, 154th at 21:56.94. Bobby Shoemaker and Nick Beasley entered individually for Shelby County, finishing 155th and 157th with respective times of 21:59.72 and 22:27.23.