Thinking of blessings throughout the season

Published 11:48 am Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The season of Thanksgiving is upon us again, and it’s time to reflect on our many blessings. Here are some of mine:

First and foremost, of course, is my family. My family and I have sustained each other during the darkest of times and celebrated with each other during times of joy. It is a father’s responsibility to set an example for his sons and to guide them as they face life’s challenges; in turn, my boys inspire me as I serve others. I am blessed with two fine sons, a wonderful mom and a great sister and her family.

I have good friends, new and old. Friends make life sparkle and they provide a safety net when times are tough. I am very grateful for my friends.

I am also very blessed to work with wonderful ladies in the probate office. It’s hard to distinguish them from my family and friends because they feel like family to me.

The women I work with have shared my family’s pain, and they have given me absolute support during my service with them. Even though they haven’t had any raise in three years because of budget constraints due to the economy, they continue to provide cheerful, helpful service to the people that come to our office for assistance. The ladies in the probate office are shining examples of public servants.

Finally, I reflect on how lucky I am to serve in a position that gives me the opportunity to help people every day. From the joys of adoptions to the emotional struggles of solving disputes between family members in estates, I am very aware that all of my cases are brought by people who need my help and whose lives will be affected by my decisions.

It is a privilege to serve as probate judge. I am proud of the many things that I have helped accomplish, such as mental health court, and I am looking forward to working with others as we make Shelby County even greater.

I need your prayers and support as we face the future together. I ask that you join me as we work together for a bright future for everyone.

I give thanks that I am lucky enough to live in Shelby County and serve all who live here.

Jim Fuhrmeister is the Shelby County Probate Judge.