Fallen officer’s wife asks for remembrance

Published 3:26 pm Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Dear Editor,

Two years ago, December 4, 2009, we received the devastating news that our loved one, Philip M. Davis, had been shot and killed.

Philip was a police officer with the City of Pelham Police Department and was murdered during a traffic stop. Left behind were his wife, two small children, mother, siblings and so many others that loved him.

His children ask about their daddy. We tell them stories. We tell them that Philip died doing a job he loved.

So often you read about the “bad” cops, the corrupt officers. These are the men that make headlines. You rarely read about the good guys that make up the majority of the law enforcement community, the ones who spend their lives protecting, serving, and giving back. You don’t read about the ones who are working on Thanksgiving.

You don’t read about the ones who don’t see their kids open their gifts on Christmas.

As this holiday season continues, please take a moment to remember Philip and the ultimate sacrifice made by him.

Take a moment to say thank you to a member of the law enforcement community and to the wives and children of these brave men. Please take a moment to tell your family and friends “I love you,” because you may never have that chance again.

Paula Davis, wife of Officer Philip Davis and the Davis family