We still remember his sacrifice

While it has been two years since the shock of Pelham Police officer Philip Davis’ untimely death at the hands of Bart Johnson, time has not healed all wounds for the Pelham Police Department, the Pelham community and, least of all, Davis’ wife, Paula, and two children.

Paula Davis works hard to make sure she and her children remember all the wonderful things about her husband. She works to honor him constantly, as does the Pelham Police Department.

The department will display a wreath in its main lobby before moving it to Philip Davis’ grave in a ceremony for family members and officers. The department held such a ceremony last year, and we hope the officers will continue to hold this yearly tradition far into the future. Philip Davis’ sacrifice should never be forgotten.

Paula Davis is working to setup the Philip Mahan Davis Foundation to help families of law enforcement officers in Shelby County. Even through her own tragedy, she is working to pay tribute to her husband by helping others who find themselves in the same horrible situation in which she found herself.

This foundation is part of Philip Davis’ legacy. Last year, local residents worked to help pay off the Davis mortgage in the wake of Philip Davis’ death.

Whether you choose to contribute, though, take the time to thank a police officer whenever you can. Their lives are always on the line.

The We Say is the opinion of the Shelby County Reporter editorial board.