Doctor leaving Harpersville clinic

Published 1:52 pm Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Dr. Charles Crow plans to leave the Harpersville Medical Clinic on Dec. 29. (Reporter photo/Christine Boatwright)


HARPERSVILLE – After driving down U.S. 280 for more than 30 years to serve the medical needs of the Harpersville community, Dr. Charles Crow has decided to leave the Harpersville Medical Clinic on Dec. 29.

Crow’s father, also a general practitioner, purchased a practice in Vincent in 1975. Crow joined the practice in 1978, and since then has driven from Vestavia to Harpersville for two half days a week.

When Crow’s father passed away and his partner left for another position, Crow knew he couldn’t be in his Vestavia office and continue to see patients in Harpersville.

“I can’t make a profit here,” Crow said of the Harpersville clinic. “I’m losing money.”

The 67-year-old will continue his practice on Canyon Ridge Drive in Vestavia.

“Some will follow me to Vestavia,” Crow said of his patients,” but others don’t have the means to follow.”

If his patients cannot come to his office in Vestavia, Crow make recommendations to the medical clinic in Childersburg. He said he met the doctors and the nurse practitioner in the clinic and feels comfortable making the recommendation.

The Childersburg clinic will send someone to man the clinic in Harpersville, Crow said.

Crow said he offered to hire the nurses at the Harpersville clinic at his office in Vestavia, and he is looking for a new partner to join him in Vestavia.

“I’m having a ball,” Crow said. “It’s been fun. Ninety-nine point nine percent of my patients are wonderful and I’m glad to be able to help the ones I can help.

“These are great people, and I’m proud to be their doctor.”

For more information about Crow’s Vestavia clinic at 2017 Canyon Ridge Drive, Suite 39, Vestavia, call 871-7746.