First Baptist Vincent renovation on schedule

Published 4:50 pm Tuesday, December 27, 2011

By NICOLE LOGGINS / Staff Writer

Vincent – Floyce Sumners has been the administrative assistant at First Baptist Vincent since November of 1999 and it’s never been noisier.

“One of the guys asked me if all the noise bothered me and I said, ‘No, it’s a beautiful sound!’” Sumners said.

The symphony of construction is coming from the 116-year-old sanctuary. In March 2007, the church approved renovation designs by CTSM Architects and D.L. Acton Construction broke ground shortly after.

“Many churches are really struggling these days, and we are just blessed to say that we are not, we’ve been lucky,” Sumners said.

According to Darryl Wood, pastor of First Baptist Church Vincent, the project is on schedule and on budget. “About three years ago our plan was to go ahead and try to do the renovation, but the economy fell apart and we decided it wasn’t good timing to ask people to give extra because a lot of people were out of work and struggling.”

Wood said it became apparent the economy was not going to get better rapidly, so the church decided to vote to see if members were willing to make those kinds of commitments.

They did. Families made three-year commitments to help fund the renovations. “Every family in the church was visited and asked, not pressured,” Wood said. “It was more of a team effort and a matter of faith that if the Lord wanted us to do it he would motivate the people to get it done.”

The church is united and the majority of the church was ready to do it. People didn’t need to be convinced, according to Wood. Church members and visitors can expect to be back in the sanctuary before the Easter holiday.

“The more detailed stuff takes longer, but it’s taking shape,” he said. Wood said the church family members who have seen what’s going on are supportive and excited for the renovations to be completed.

The church hopes the renovations will expand its opportunities to reach out to more people in the area.

“We would like to better be able to minister to the community through the facility,” Wood said.