Suicide support group starting in Montevallo

Published 11:52 am Monday, January 9, 2012


MONTEVALLO – After her son attempted suicide a few years ago, Joyce Sherrer and her husband found a support group in Calera to help them through the tough time.

While her son is now doing well, Sherrer felt called by God to share what she learned with others.

“We stayed in (the support group) for a year, and we learned an awful lot from them,” she said. “We also got our sanity back. Without that support group, I don’t know where I’d be today.”

Sherrer decided to start a weekly support group at Montevallo First Baptist Church on Monday evenings.

“So many people have gone through the same thing and need this outlet. They need to know they’re not alone and can talk to those who have experienced the same thing because they know what you’re going through,” Sherrer said. “The whole goal is to bring people together and be able to talk things out they couldn’t in front of other people.”

“We’re not professionals; we’re just simply people who have been there and want to reach out to other people,” she said.

The support group is offered primarily for friends and families of those who have committed suicide or attempted to commit suicide.

“I just feel like it’s so important there is a place you can come to and get that support and encouragement and see that there is hope,” she said.

The group will meet on Monday evenings at Montevallo First Baptist Church at 7 p.m. beginning Jan. 16. For more information, call 665-2566 or 665-2573.