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Published 4:10 pm Monday, January 23, 2012

From left are Bobby Joe Seales, founding past president 2003 and 2004; Scott A. Martin, past president 2005; C.W. Posey Jr.; past president 2006; D. Alan Dismukes; past president 2008, Dr. Richard D. “Rick” Price, past president 2009; Robert “Bob” Melton, past president 2010; Donald L. Glover, past president 2011; and Richard B. “Rick” Booth, upcoming 2012 president. Curtis W. Posey III, past president 2007 is not pictured. (Contributed)


The Cahaba-Coosa Chapter, Alabama Society, Sons of the American Revolution met at the North Shelby County Library on Jan. 15 for the purpose of installation of 2012 officers.

The ceremony was led by C.W. Posey Jr., a past Cahaba-Coosa Chapter president, upcoming registrar/genealogist for the Cahaba-Coosa Chapter and upcoming president of the Alabama Society that will take place in Huntsville on Jan. 28.

The newly-elected officers for 2012 for the Cahaba-Coosa Chapter are President Richard B. “Rick” Booth; Vice President and Chaplain John W. Thomas; Secretary Rex L. Webb; Treasurer R. Glenn Nivens; Registrar/Genealogist C.W. Posey, Jr.; Seargeant-at-Arms Daniel M. Acker Sr.; and Surgeon Dr. Richard D. “Rick” Price..

The program by C.W. Posey Jr. was a summary of the Cahaba-Coosa Chapter for 2011. Bobby Joe Seales, founding president of the Cahaba-Coosa Chapter, gave a brief summary of the beginning of the Cahaba-Coosa Chapter that was chartered Aug. 22, 2003, at the Pelham Civic Center. The forming of this chapter was sponsored by the Birmingham Chapter, Alabama Society, Sons of the American Revolution.

For additional information on the history of this chapter, the current officers and how to become a member please visit the website Any man of age 18 years or over, who is a lineal descendent of an ancestor who supported the war for American Independence, is eligible for membership. These ancestors are referred to as Revolutionary War Patriots and include those persons who fought in the military and/or militia, who provided supplies to the American cause, who served on political bodies supporting the Revolution, who signed oaths of support and similar acts. The Sons of the American Revolution is an educational, historical, and patriotic organization. The Cahaba-Coosa Chapter monthly schedule for meetings will be the third Sunday of each month at 2:30 p.m. The meetings will be held at the North Shelby County Library located at 5521 Cahaba Valley Road, Pelham.

The highlight of the meeting was the introduction of the past presidents since its beginning, all but one of whom was present.