Pelham veteran battling for his life

Published 2:35 pm Thursday, January 26, 2012

For Blount and his family, the outpouring of community support has been a bright spot during an otherwise trying time.

“That (support) means a lot to us. God has blessed us in ways I can’t even tell you,” said Blount’s father, Barry. “It cost $1,500 for housing for the week-and-a-half he’s been here (in Houston). He has to pay 20 percent on his insurance, and that adds up to $8,000 for one day of testing.

“He doesn’t have any income right now. That’s why the love and support means so much to us,” Barry Blount said.

As a result of his chemotherapy and other treatments, Matthew Blount currently weights about 100 pounds. But the Army veteran has kept a positive attitude through his ordeal, Barry Blount said.

“It’s driving him crazy. He wants to take care of himself, but I tell him, ‘Matt, how can you do that while you’re fighting for your life?’ Barry Blount said. “As a father, it’s killing me.”

Matthew Blount said he is making plans to continue his military career in the future.

“There is still hope and I am still fighting,” Matthew Blount said. “I would love to go back into active duty after this is over.”

Matthew Blount is greeted by Duke Martin from the Blue Star Salute Foundation after arriving to the airport on Jan. 26. (Reporter Photo/Jon Goering)