Sweet heat captures youth basketball victory

Published 10:47 am Monday, January 30, 2012


Complete results from week eight of the Shelby County Youth Basketball League.


•       The Sweet Heat got a little hotter than the Heat for a 19 to 16 victory. The Sweet Heat was led by T. J. McGinnis with 10 points, Colt Hardin anchored the defense, with Dave Kearley and Trey Falkner showing good effort. The Heat was led by Damien Portis with 6 points, Lars Belfanz had 6 rebounds, Drew Largin played well on defense, Eli Jones added 5 points, and Matthew Pearson showed good effort.
•       The Bulldogs nipped the Blazers, 36 to 33. The Bulldogs were led by Kaden Cardwell with 16 points, Joel Pennington was the top rebounder, David Vick was a force on defense, and Chase Newman hustled. The Blazers were led by Jordan Morris with 12 points, Dustin Joiner had 14 rebounds, Landon Lawrence played well defensively, Peyton Lawrence added 11 points, and Andrew Noe showed good effort.
•       The Firedogs shot down the Gunners, 25 to 16. The Firedogs were led by Riley Lewter with 13 points, Matthew Crittendon and Andrew Gothard had 10 rebounds each, Ben Marling was a defensive stopper, Michael Rollan scored 3 points, and Quentin Hill added valuable playing time. The Gunners were led by Noah Harper with 4 points, J. T. Pennington had 6 rebounds, Collin Jennings played well on defense, Dylan Wilson hustled, and Tre Aderholt showed strong effort.


•       The Roadrunners sped past the Eagles, 14 to 4. The Roadrunners scoring came from Alex Gillum (7), Colin Davis (4), Caleb Mooney (2), and Bella Guy (1). The Eagles were led by Paci Clark with 3 points, Jaxson Stinson had 2 rebounds, Cason Jefferies hustled, and Livy Harmon showed good effort.
•       The Falcons harpooned the Sharks, 22 to 15. The Falcons were led by Chase Benson with 6 points and 11 rebounds, Delaina Johnson solidified the defense,Grant Gurganus scored 4 points, Andrew Whitner had 6 rebounds, and the rest of the team hustled and played hard. The Sharks were led by Christopher Brasher with 6 points and 8 rebounds, Austin Wilson played well defensively, Noah Lemley had 2 rebounds, and Tommy Grigsby scored 4 points.


•       The Honey Badgers defeated Whatchamacallitz, 18 to 11. The Honey Badgers were led by Maggie West with12 points, Alyssa Seale was the top rebounder, Peri Clark led the defensive charge, Josie Turner added valuable minutes, and McChesney Turner showed great effort. Whatchamacallitz was led in scoring by Grace Driskell and Emilee Roberson with 3 points each. Dayli Wood added 2 points.
•       Chaos defused the Dynamite in overtime for a 23 to 20 victory.  Chaos was led by Anna Goodwin with 12 points and 13 rebounds, Janie Pennington and Zoey Jones had 4 steals each, with Jamyia Riggins hustling and playing hard. The Dynamite was led by Madison Purcell with 7 points, Alexa Couch had 7 rebounds, Ashley Wilson played well defensively, Annika Walker added 4 points, and Jayln Jones showed good effort.


•       Block Party was victorious over the Mighty Midgets, 34 to 28. Block Party was led by Jeremiah Trice and Joseph Pennington with 9 points each, Noah Reece grabbed 10 boards, Devin Wooley anchored the defense, Austin Hatcher hustled, and Matthew Gibson showed tremendous effort. The Mighty Midgets scoring leaders were Tyler Holmes with 7, Isaiah Kemp added 6, with Kolby Morris and Mitchell Tate scoring 4 points each.
•       Flight flew over the A-Team, 33 to 25. Flight was led in scoring by Cory Martin (9), Adam Landefeld (8), and Joseph Joiner (4). The A-Team scoring leaders were Zack Smith (9), Jim Vick (6), and Trent Freeman (4).