Pelham interviewing 10 for open council spot

Published 9:13 pm Monday, February 6, 2012

The Pelham Personnel Board is composed of three members: one elected by city employees, one appointed by the City Council and another appointed by “mutual consent” of the other two members.

City employees recently elected former Pelham mayor Bobby Hayes to fill one spot on the Personnel Board.

During the work session, Pelham Mayor Don Murphy recommended the council appoint Mike Kelley to the Personnel Board. Councilwoman Karyl Rice recommended Moseley Johnson be appointed.

Council members also shared differing opinions on how the council should appoint its representative to the Personnel Board.

Council President Teresa Nichols said the council should follow City Attorney Butch Ellis’ recommendation and allow the four council members and Murphy to cast votes for one of the candidates. Councilman Steve Powell suggested the council follow Alabama League of Municipalities attorney Tracy Roberts’ recommendation and allow the council and the mayor to separately nominate two candidates and then work out a compromise if the two nominations are different.

After debating the matter, Councilman Bill Meadows made a motion in the work session to appoint Kelley to the Personnel Board. Meadows, Murphy and Nichols then voted in favor of appointing Kelley and Rice and Powell voted against.

Because Powell said the council broke Robert’s Rules of Order by voting on the matter during a work session, the council then nullified the vote. Meadows later made a motion to table the issue during the regular council meeting.