Budweiser facility on the road to completion

Published 12:50 pm Thursday, February 9, 2012

By NICOLE LOGGINS / Staff Writer

HARPERSVILLE – Bama Budweiser’s new home in Harpersville is nearing completion.

According to Plant Manager Sammy Blocker, employees will be making the move later this year.

“It’s probably going to be late this year before we get in there,” he said. “It’s really hard to say right now.”

After the plant gets up and running in the new location, job openings will be likely, Blocker said. Bama Budweiser is making a large increase in its workspace by going from a 60,000 square foot facility in Sylacauga to the new 105,000 square foot facility in Harpersville near the Old Meadows Golf Course.

“I assume everybody is moving with us,” Blocker said. “But once we get in and start operating there will be job openings.”

“It’s a huge move for us,” he said. “Myself and all the employees are looking forward to the move. It’s going to be an extremely nice facility, and we’re looking forward to it.”