A-Team defeats Mighty Midgets in youth basketball action

Published 9:53 am Monday, February 13, 2012


Complete results from the final week of action in the Shelby County Youth Basketball League.


·         The A-Team defeated the Mighty Midgets, 32 to 29. The A-Team’s leading scorers were Trent Freeman (8), Zack Smith (6), and Talon Thompson (5). The Mighty Midgets were led by Grant Joiner with 8 points, Dalton Purcell was the top rebounder, Robbie Higgins played well defensively, Tyler Holmes scored 7, with Jerome Sanders, Mitchell Tate, and Cameron Morris adding valuable minutes.

·         Flight stayed airborne just long enough for a victory over Block Party, 30 to 29. Flight was led by Jacob Hallman with 10 points, Brett McKinney had 10 rebounds, Micah Broderick and Cory Martin anchored the defense, Tanner Glass and Trevor Garrett hustled, with Daniel Moody, Adam Landefeld, and JoJo Joiner showing great effort. Block Party was led by Tanner Brooks with 19 points, Noah Reece had 10 rebounds, Joseph Pennington and Devin Wooley played well defensively, Josh Holland and Austin Hatcher hustled, and ColinBaker scored 4 points.


·         Frostie’s Shakes battled Hobo Thunder for a 14 to 7 victory. The Shakes were led by Beth Upton with 10 points, Jordan Price and Katelyn Bevard had 11 rebounds each, Summer Knight was a force on defense, Anna Wood scored 2 points, Emily Johnson played tough on both ends of the court, and Gracie Driskell added valuable minutes picking up 4 rebounds. Hobo Thunder was led by Natalee Garrett with 5 points, Erin Joiner was the top rebounder, Alexis Franklin played well defensively, Patti McGee hustled, Keelie Yowe showed good effort, and Lauren Carter scored 2 points.

·         The Fireballs torched the Swish, 27 to 8. The Fireballs were led by Charley Clark with 10 points, Jayla Pettway had 8 rebounds, Alex Reed wa a defensive stopper, Sarah Goodwin scored 8 points, Sarah Head scored 3 from the free throw line, and Anna Goodwin had 7 steals. The Swish’s scoring came from Katelyn Cummings with 6 points and Sarah Ruth Lipscomb with 2.


·         The Falcons flew past the Eagles, 30 to 12. The Falcons were led by Will Price with 10 points, Chase Benson had 14 rebounds, Grant Gurganus led the defense, Delaina Johnson and Jackson Morris hustled and played hard, with Carson Roland and Logan Carson showing great effort. The Eagles were led by Paci Clark and Cason Jefferies with 4 points each, Jaxson Stinson had 9 rebounds, Blake Jennings had a steal, and Livy Harmon showed good effort.

·         The Sharks hung around for a 20 to 18 victory over the Roadrunners. The Sharks were led by Jace Bolan with 10 points, Christopher Brasher had 5 rebounds, Tommy Grigsby and Austin Wilson anchored the defense, with Dakota McClurg, Ethan Pierce, and Hunter Carden hustling and playing hard. The Roadrunners were led by Alex Gillum with 9 points, Bella Guy led in rebounds, Savannah Franklin played well defensively, Walker Kellis scored 3 points, Jaxon Padlo hustled, and Cooper Bentley showed good effort.


·         The Swish stopped the Lightning, 31 to 21. The Swish was led by Austin Lucas with 12 points and 12 rebounds, Deonta Cotton was a defensive stopper, Mitchell Kines scored 8 points, Quaddarius Sawyer had 3 assists, with Ty Beasley, Christopher Smith, and Ricky Harmon providing valuable minutes. The Lightning was led by Nathan Bates with 10 points, Drake Carden had 7 rebounds, Dawson Humphries had 5 steals, Justin Humphries scored 6 points, Blake Elliott hustled, and Camden Davis showed good effort.

·         The Rough Riders rode past the Fighting Gerbils, 29 to 27 in overtime. The Rough Riders were led by Tasharious Whetstone with 10 points, Chip Nash led in rebounds, Bailey Deshazo and Brock Phillips led the defense, Mitch Nash scored 7 points, Bradley Thomas hustled, and Nathan Isbell scored 4 points. The Fighting Gerbils scoring came from Trent Sullivan (16), Ethan Johnson (6), and Jason Lucas (5).

·         The Heat doubled up the Blazers, 44 to 22. The Heat was led by Colby Blythe with 17 points, Chase Franklin and Jeremiah Crenshaw were the top rebounders, Chadwyn Russ and Devon Montgomery led the defense, Cole Jefferies scored 9 points, with Chase Glover and Judson Raia hustling and playing hard. The Blazers were led by Will Morris with 7 points, Ethan Stevens scored 5, Jesse Jones had 4, with H.D. Edwards, Tanner Colvin, and Jacob Howard putting forth good effort.

·         The Runnin’ Rebels ran past the Terminators, 21 to 18. The Runnin’ Rebels were led by Andrew West with 9 points, Braden Brooks had 14 rebounds, Charlie Taylor anchored the defense, Austin Wilder played hard and hustled, and Austin Matzke showed great effort. The Terminators top scorers were Conner Davis (6), Isaiah Stamps (4), and Wesley Hyde (3).


·         The Honey Badgers disrupted Chaos, 30 to 25. The Honey Badgers were led by Maggie West with 14 points, Peri Clark had 9 rebounds, McChesney Turner was a defensive stopper, Natalay Whitner scored 5 points, and Cailyn Ingram added valuable playing time. Chaos was led by Anna Goodwin with 10 points, Zoey Jones had 4 rebounds, Janie Pennington had 4 steals, with the rest of the team playing hard and showing good effort.

·         The Dynamite got it all together for the first win of the season over Whatchamacallitz, 25 to 20. The Dynamite was led by Madison Purcell with 13 points, Abby Bevard added 5 points, Laurel Pierce led the defensive charge, and Ashley Wilson scored 3 points. Whatchamacallitz top scorers were Dayli Wood (11), Gracie Driskell (5), and Aubree Roberson (2).


·         The Bulldogs beat the Gunners, 31 to 13. The Bulldogs top scorers were Chase Jones (16), Kaden Cardwell (9), and David Vick (3). The Gunners were led by Noah Harper with 7 points, J.T. Pennington had 14 rebounds, Tre Aderholt played well defensively, Haley Ruiz-Hope hustled, with Dylan Wilson and Collin Jennings showing good effort.

·         The Sweet Heat burned the Blazers, 24 to 16. The Sweet Heat’s top scorers were Aaliyah Cotton (12), Tanner Roland (6), Troy Falkner (3). The Blazers were led by Jordan Morris with 13 points, Dustin Joiner had 7 rebounds, and Payton Lawrence scored 2 points.

·         The Firedogs torched the Heat, 31 to 21. The Firedogs were led by Riley Lewter with 17 points, Andrew Gothard led in rebounds, Michael Rollan anchored the defense, Jon Michael Gay scored 7 points, and Matthew Crittendon showed great effort. The Heat was led by Eli Jones with 14 points, Lars Belfanz had 8 rebounds, Chris Sims played well defensively, Coleman Byars scored 3 points, and Damien Portis showed good effort.

The regular season is complete. The SCYBL tournament will run through next week.