Alabama 70 needs street lights

Published 9:39 am Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Dear Editor,

Driving down a narrow, poorly lit road, full of curves at 11 p.m. is never ideal; however, sometimes there is no way around it.

One night this past week, while driving down Alabama 70, I was in the car with a friend who was unable to see the white line signaling the edge of the road.

We were going around a curve and the car hit a patch of grass, causing her to lose control of the car.

Luckily, she was experienced enough to quickly regain control.

However, had she not, we undoubtedly would have been in an accident. Driving down Alabama 70 from the University of Montevallo into Columbiana, there are no lights whatsoever. This leads to significant problems, as people insist on driving with their brights on.

If one is not paying sufficient attention to oncoming traffic, they have a tendency to keep their bright lights on, blinding the other drivers.

I know that with current economic conditions, it is difficult to find the money to install streetlights. However, I have proposed a solution. LED lights are slightly more costly, ranging anywhere from $300-$3,500; however, they are substantially better on energy. It is estimated that LED lights, compared to previous streetlights, save 40-70 percent on energy costs, confirming that they pay for themselves. The state of Alabama needs to move towards long time goals.

To put in LED lights in this particular strip would improve visibility for traffic and pedestrians alike.

Such a simple solution could save many lives and reduce costs within the town.

Fouress Sellers