Sherry Harper carries on tradition

Published 1:30 pm Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sherry Harper (Contributed)

By SANDRA THAMES / Community Columnist

As a Hoover youngster, Sherry Harper’s favorite thing to do was visit grandparents in Pineapple and Nauvoo. She prefers the “country” and wishes she had a place with acreage enough to have horses, donkeys, dogs and “whatever other critters” she could make room for and afford to feed.

Digging potatoes, pulling peanuts and picking peas are some things she would like to do one more time.

“I would trade just about anything for a day back there again,” she said.

Her maternal grandmother even let Harper drink coffee and eat butter biscuits with the grownups. Harper’s mother objected, but you know how us grandparents are sometimes.

Harper’s only brother, Tim, lives in Pennsylvania after taking years of advanced education all over the place.

“He got the brains in the family,” quiped Harper. “And I always thought he was going to be a professional student.”

Harper, on the other hand, didn’t want to attend college after Berry High School. She had spent her entire life in and around her father’s tax business. Her dad went into the tax business when learning baby Sherry was coming so early on. Harper learned to pull files, put away files, sharpen pencils – whatever she could manage.

When her dad passed away, she never questioned keeping the business.

“I definitely know it is important, and encourage high schoolers to go to college if possible, even if you don’t want to, perhaps you will learn something important even if by accident, like me,” she said.

As far as trips, Harper said her mission trips to Guatemala, Bolivia, Haiti, Canary Islands and Argentina, sponsored by Kingwood Church were awesome, and she encourages everyone to go on at least one such trip.

“There is nothing like it. I just can’t explain it,” she said.

At present, Harper is visiting Church at Brookhills and Lighthouse of Praise.

“I know and love the staff and congregation at three very special houses of worship,” she said.

Friends make Harper’s life special. Although she never met “Mr. right,” she has kids through her friends. She goes into withdrawal without frequent visits and love from Elijah, Madelyn and Alivia as well as Mason, Sophie, Lexie, Olivia, Hanna, Jenn, Josh and Caleb.

“When I know my friends are doing well and are safe, then I tend to have a good day,” she said.

When asked what most people might not know about her, Harper quickly replied, “I was a hard partier in my younger years – did lots I’m not proud of, but those things make me appreciate Jesus even more now.”

“Harper Accounting and Tax Service has been able to bless some people, and in turn we have met and been blessed by some incredible folks we would not otherwise have had the pleasure of meeting,” Harper said.