Falcons top Eagles in youth basketball championship game

Published 11:13 am Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Complete results from the Shelby County Youth Basketball League championship round.


The Falcons defeated the Eagles, 24 to 13. The Falcons were led by Grant Gurganus with 7 points, Chase Benson had 20 rebounds, Will Price managed 10 rebounds, Delaina Johnson was a defensive stopper, and the rest of the team hustled and showed good effort. The Eagles scoring came from Livy Harmon and Jaxson Stinson with 4 points each, Pace Clark added 3, and Cason Jefferies scored 2 points.


The Honey Badgers disrupted Chaos for a 25 to 19 victory. The Honey Badgers were led by Natalay Whitner with 8 points. Peri Clark and Maggie West scored 5 points each. Chaos was led by Anna Goodwin with 11 points, Janie Pennington scored 5, and Zoey Jones added 2 points.


The Fireballs had a big fourth quarter to defeat Frostie’s Shakes, 15 to 13. The Fireballs were led by Charley Clark with 6 points, Jayla Pettway and Sarah Goodwin led in rebounds, Sarah Head was effective at point guard, Alex Reed added 5 points, and Anna Goodwin added valuable minutes. The Shakes were led by Jordan Price with 6 points, Katelyn Bevard had 7 rebounds, Summer Knight had 6 steals, Anna Wood played well defensively, Beth Upton scored 4 points, and Dayli Wood played hard. In a freak accident, Emily Johnson broke a bone in her leg just before the start of the game.


The Terminators beat the Heat, 46 to 45. The Terminators were led by J.C. Parker with 30 points, Conner Davis added 6, and Craig Sims scored 5 points. The Heat was led by Chadwyn Russ with 15 points, Cole Jefferies added 13, and Chase Franklin scored 6 points.


The Blazers nipped the Bulldogs, 41 to 39. The Blazers were led by Jordan Morris with 27 points, Landon and Payton Lawrence had 5 rebounds each, with Kaleb Bass and Steven Garcia playing well on both ends of the court. The Bulldogs were led by Chase Jones with 18 points, Kaden Cardwell scored 14, and David Vick added 4 points.


Flight disrupted Block Party for a 37 to 31 victory. Flight was led by Joseph Joiner with 8 points, Micah Broderick scored 7, with Jacob Hallman and Daniel Moody adding 4 points each. Block Party was led by Tanner Brooks with 13 points and Jeremiah Trice scored 12 points.